Tuesday, March 04, 2014

New Patterns Posted to My Zibbet Shop!

I've finally gotten around to creating and posting patterns for some of my dog cuffs to my online Zibbet shop. Without further ado, here they are!

Jack Russell Terrier Peyote Cuff

Chihuahua Peyote Cuff

Mutt Peyote Cuff

Pit Bull w/2 Paw Prints Peyote Cuff + Bonus

Click on the caption under the pics to be taken to the shop page... and keep in mind, for every 2 patterns you buy from my shop, you get one of your choosing equal or less than the purchased patterns. And if you just buy one, you get a free pattern of my choosing :-) 

I'm working on a few more, hopefully they will be up by the end of March.  And don't forget, if you want the free Spider Web pattern from a few entries ago, please email me and I will get it to you. I will have a new free pattern soon!

Friday, January 31, 2014

What I've been up to

Once again, I let my blog go stagnant. Sorry, but I've got some good excuses... We are fostering a dog for local rescue. We sort of got into it by accident. We found a dog dumping ground one night looking for an alternate way home due to an accident further up our usual route. We ended up picking up two puppies a couple of days later. We kept one and vetted the other and then found her a home. Before we were even done vetting them, we made plans to rescue the female dog that was hanging out with these puppies. She ended up being hit by a car and dying before we could gain her trust, so the very next day, we picked up another one of the dumped dogs. We named him Jack, we are working with Bailey's Arms Rescue Center and he is almost ready for adoption.

These two are Reba (blonde) and Luna (black), we guesstimate that they were about 4 months old, we still have doubts they were from the same litter. We found Reba an awesome new home and Luna has come out of her shell and keeping busy with our pack. We made sure they received their shots, were microchipped, spayed, and dewormed. It is expensive, but we're just doing what we can.

This is Jack. We cannot believe how far he has come, it still makes me cry when I look at his picture the day we rescued him. He's a real good boy, eager to please, on the younger side of 2 to 3 years of age. He was heartworm positive, but is now cured! He's received all of his shots, been neutered, and has put on weight. His skin is almost back to 100% and we are so pleased with how he is doing. Someone is going to be really lucky when they bring him home!

This is a young dog we picked up along the highway about 10 days ago. She's really thin, scared, and yet, full of love. She's starting to trust us and is finally feeling okay about our dogs. We are still looking for her family, but if we don't find them soon, it looks like we will be vetting her and looking for a forever home for her. I would love to find another rescue group to work with, but so far, most rescue groups are just too busy. Memphis has a real problem with dumped dogs and cats. We're calling her Willow and one major concern is that she may be pregnant. She is certainly old enough, her nipples are enlarged, but not sagging as if full of milk, she wasn't leaking.... so she is either in the early stages of pregnancy or was pregnant and dumped after the puppies were weaned. I'm trying to stay positive and think that we will find her owners, after all, in Fayetteville, we found a dog and kept her and found her family after over a month. Positive thoughts! Or, at the very least, perhaps a rescue group will step forward and help us help her. We will foster her along with Jack, if need be. What's one more dog?!?!?

Anyway, in the meantime, I've been squeezing in some beading when not homeschooling or dog wrangling. Here are some photos of what I have been up to. 

This is an open loom that I made with some leftover copper pipe and elbows. Pretty easy, nothing is soldered so I can take it apart if I don't like the size. The pattern is mine and this is a current work in progress.

I made these star earrings for my mother using 15/0 Delicas adn sterling silver, copper, and gold plated findings, and some of them also have Swarovski Marguerite crystals. I used a pattern from one of the beading magazines that was published several years ago.

This is a Cellini Spiral necklace that I made for myself. It took a long time in between unpacking, but it was so worth it. I made it for a wedding to go with my dress. I used this tutorial for a guide and I used a silver plated magnetic clasp to finish it off.

I designed these flower earrings myself for my mother's birthday. They took a long time to design... first I started on paper and then all of those versions of flower petals were made with 15/0 Delicas and round seed beads and after what seemed like a million tries, I had the earrings I liked. I have not created a tutorial for these as I am not very good with computer software, nor do I really have time to take step by step photos and use Photoshop to help create a tutorial. I will eventually make a few to sell in my online shop.

These three pictures are just a few of the spiral ropes that I beaded up.... they helped pass the time while being fun and easy. One of these days I will take some decent photos so that I can post them in my shop!

This is a pattern I designed as a Christmas gift for my sister and brother-in-law. I was trying to mimic blackwork that I've seen in embroidery, only of course, I would be doing it with beads. It is done in 3-drop Peyote stitch with just white and matte black Delicas. It came out to about 9 1/8" by 9 7/8" and I ran out of time to mat or frame it, but that was ok because I was nervous about mailing a frame during the holidays. I may offer parts of the pattern in my pattern shop, but this is  one time thing with the 3 pets in the same picture... it represents their fur babies. This project took about a month to do amongst all of the holiday activities and shopping, etc. 

And this last photo is the most recently completed project... again, this is my design for loomed beadwork or square stitch.... it might even work for cross stitch too. It came out to 5 1/8" and 5 1/2" and I am currently working on another one for my friend in different colors. I will eventually get this pattern listed in my shop.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

As Promised... Free Bead Weaving Pattern - "Spider's Web"

As promised, here is a free, original 3 Peeps Designs pattern... I apologize for not getting it out at the beginning of the month, but I have a good excuse... puppy rescue. Yup, we rescued some puppies out of a ditch in Memphis... but that is a post for another day.

Anyway, here is a free pattern created by me, for you. All you have to do is leave me a comment and then email me and I will email it to you. The pattern prints out in 5 pages (2 pages are the pattern zoomed in) and this is a great opportunity for you to test drive one of my patterns at no cost to you.

The button used for the clasp is from my local Joann Art and Crafts store. The spider charm is pewter and I purchased that online at Fusion Beads as an extra embellishment that I thought would be fun. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email or comment. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beading Work Amongst The Changes Part 1

   A Jack Russell Terrier and a Chihuahua have joined my line of dog cuffs. I decided that I like the single large paw print on either side of them rather than the four smaller paw prints. One of these has been donated to a new shelter doing some fund raising in Prairie Grove, AR and the other is in my stash. I will create the pattern and offer it in my shop very soon!

   A pair of paw print cuffs for little kids... one was given to the daughter of a friend because she is involved in pet rescue just like her mother and I wanted to let them know that I really appreciate their efforts. The other may be going to my new little niece :-). Anyway, the paw prints are beaded one at a time by me from a pattern I created when I first started beading years ago. Then one at a time they are attached to the leather, the leather gets the snaps put on, the leather gets lined with ultra suede, and then I edge the two pieces together with 15/0 seed beads. I do not use any glue so that they are nice and flexible and I do not need to worry about the glue ever dis-coloring the Delica seed beads or coming off, etc.

   This was a repeat for my sister-in-law. Her husband actually purchased the original and she requested a duplicate for a gift for a woman who plays a very important roll in her life... perhaps being the mother she should have had. Anyway, its spiral stitch with seed beads and embellished with copper chain and silk ribbon.

   This is a spiral stitch necklace that I created using hot pink seed beads and bright yellow seed beads... perhaps the happiest color combination that comes to my mind. This stitch is super relaxing and easy to do for me and is one of my go-to projects when I have a lot on my mind... kind of like the peyote stitched paw prints that I like to make. This one will be showing up in my shop as soon as I can set myself up to take some good photos... the new house doesn't let in a lot of light and the yard is slowly being taken back from the insects... 

   The house was empty for so long that the insects took over.... the spiders are now outside where they belong and we just have to deal with the horse flies and the bees (the ground dwelling variety). My son and husband suffered from some stings... okay, my son was stung once but my husband was stung multiple times on more than one occasion. Slowly, but surely the bug stuff that was applied to the yard and the insect killing powder that was applied directly to the holes have started to work.... now we just need to wait for the horse flies to die. And I thought the biggest nuisance would be the mosquitoes and occasional ticks... ha, what do I know? Even though I like the peace and space of the country life, I am still a city girl when it comes to the bugs.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


   Again, I have to apologize for letting time get away from me and the blog... there have been a lot of changes in our lives and some were good, and some not so good. 

   We finally sold the house in Arkansas and bought a place outside of Memphis. I didn't really like the house (I still don't, but it is growing on me), but the kids and husband liked it so we put an offer in and closed on it. We had a super quick closing on the house in Arkansas, the whole process from the offer to close was only 2 weeks! The closing here was a traditional 4 weeks, LOL... and then we had a week and a half to move our belongings from our temporary rental to the house, paint the kids' rooms (I always paint their rooms first so that they can be settled first), and meet the movers with the rest of our belongings. Whew! It was a crazy whirlwind and we didn't have any help from family or friends. Our little family has gotten to be pretty self-sufficient with our moves. Some of our family was supportive from a distance and some of our family was the usual PITA.... after almost 16 years of marriage, I guess I have to accept that that will never change and together we've learned to tune out the aggravating people in our lives. 

    We suffered a huge loss to our family unit. Sage, the beautiful pup we rescued from a couple of college students up in Northwest Arkansas, continued her downward spiral... she just couldn't handle the changes, her fear anxiety was so bad that the various drugs we tried (under supervision with her vet and a behaviorist) would only work for about 4 to 6 weeks and then stop. She also suffered from a couple of seizures from one of the drugs. Her behavior was so odd and unpredictable... at first she only acted out towards our other two dogs, but she was getting aggressive towards strangers. We made the shitty - to be quite blunt - decision to euthanize her after she went a bit crazy with the cable guy. Our vet agreed, she admitted that we had tried everything she could think of, had seen how we rearranged our lives, and admitted that sometimes dogs can't be helped. The rational me knows this, but it is a hard pill to swallow. It's been a couple of months, but I am still dealing with the guilt and pain and disappointment. Its gotten better, I can usually talk about her with a smile and without tears, and other times, the quiet times that I am alone, it isn't so easy. She had such a big personality and was such a huge part of our lives. We rearranged our lives so completely dealing with her little issues... Anyway, life has been tough and I haven't been inspired to blog or update my shops or anything else that isn't a priority like homeschooling and getting the kids settled in. Gosh, when she was good, she was just awesome.... our little acrobatic clown. And when she was bad, well, she was bad at no fault of her own. Truth be told, it's been a little bit tough for Charlie as well. He won't play catch outside. He will not use her ball except to pick it up and put it somewhere else. We took a little vacation home and he was able to see his mother and his sisters and that helped a little bit, but now we are back home and again, he won't use the blue ball because that was always Sage's ball. These balls are whistle balls and sold in packs of two; one orange and one blue.... I may have to donate the blue ones. Our other dog is always happy so I don't know if she is sad or not.... she still plays a lot more because of Sage and I am glad for that. The cats don't seem to care and us humans are dealing in our own ways.

    Anyway, amongst the unpacking and rearranging, I have been beading. Nothing too crazy or exciting. I continue to donate to rescue groups and do basic bead weaving. I have not decided about a free pattern.... well, I think I have, but now I need to figure out how to get the pattern to those who want it. I will probably just go with sending it directly to those that email me or leave a comment requesting the pattern. Anyway, I will blog more about that soon! 

   Amongst all of the drama of moving and unpacking and painting and the loss of Sage, we also had the pleasure of welcoming my first niece into the world! She is a beautiful little princess and although we have yet to go out to New York to meet her in person, I feel as if I know her already because my brother and sister-in-law send us photos every day. She is gorgeous and she is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. Along with some store bought baby gifts, I made some burp cloths for her parents.... I remember the store bought ones were never big enough and the cloth diapers that I decorated many years ago to act as burp cloths, were also too small.  I had a good time making them, but they were also frustrating because I am not always on good terms with my sewing machine LOL. I tried to make sure that they weren't too girly so that my brother wouldn't mind being seen in public with them. :-)  

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Back to the Blog!

Charlie watching me and trying to convince me to go play ball a little earlier than usual.

Hi! So much has been going on and so many weeks have gone by without an update from me and well, I felt I should get to it!

We've relocated again... well, technically, we are still in the middle of the transition because our house has yet to sell in Fayetteville. We had a good offer from an eccentric woman who wanted to include a lot of our personal property in the deal. The deal fell through about a week before we were to meet the movers to pack up our stuff... it sucked, but also was kind of a relief because the woman kept changing her mind and trying to change the terms of the contract... apparently, she did similar things to another family before us and the last I heard, she was onto another family. I hope she finds what she is looking for. 

So, we are currently waiting for another offer... the winter didn't help,what with the winter weather warnings and what-not. Life seems to stop in NWA whenever any winter weather is predicted for the area, so the weeks have been dragging by. Anyway, with a bit of luck and some actual spring-like weather, we should have another offer soon. We put in a contract for a house here when we had agreed on the first contract with our house. The sellers here have been amazing and patient while we wait for another offer. The house isn't all that I wanted, but once again, majority rules and that is the house the husband and kids wanted. At this point, I'm over my disappointment about not getting the house that I wanted and am just anxious to get moved and settled.

We are in the Memphis area now, living in a town called Collierville. It's been a big change from the paradise of the quiet country! We like that the winter was more mild than NWA, it still isn't Florida-like, but we do enjoy it. The people are a lot friendlier, the shopping is better, and it's closer to both sets of parents. My husband likes his new job a lot and doesn't have any complaints, which is a nice change from the old job.

We adopted a dog, Sage, last February, and she has issues. We were managing those issues, overcame a few, but we had no idea how big those issues could become until we made the move. She hates change! She can't handle it. Any change needs to be in little increments. She is also very high energy. We could handle that as our property was huge and we enjoyed being out there with the dogs. Now, we are in a little rental in a crowded neighborhood where people come and go all of the time and make a lot of noise and sure don't seem to mind annoying their neighbors :-( I hate it!

Anyway, you do what you have to do to keep your pets with you when you move. We rented a house that is about a third the size of what we are used to because it was one of three rentals available for short-term (ie six month lease or less) as well as allowing dogs and cats without breed restrictions (we have two pit bulls)... so we have been going a little crazy. We actually ended up putting Sage on Prozac on the advice of the vet. In spite of exercising her like usual, training, vitamins, Thundershirt, homeopathic solutions, etc, she was starting to take her fear and anxiety out on our other dogs. If she is to stay with our family, she had to be medicated because I was scared she was going to end up biting one of the kids. Thankfully, the vet didn't err on the side of over-medicating her and turning her into a zombie... instead, she is back to being the happy puppy (she'll be 2 years old at the end of April) that she used to be. :-)

Magnolia blooming on a rainy day.
This spring, instead of hearing the frogs come out of hibernation we get to hear the neighborhood mechanics take their motorcycles out of hibernation. That means listening to the loud, rumbling engines all day... they stop at sundown, but the rumblings begin at 5.45am... We've been here almost 6 months and we've learned to tune out the airplanes and trains and police sirens. I haven't yet learned to tune out the tow truck driver's "beep, beep, beeping" whenever he backs out of his driveway nor have I learned to tune out the little kids screaming their asses off after school. Hopefully, we aren't here long enough to get used to it.

In the meantime, we've continued our homeschooling and I've continued my beading. I've started playing around with bead embroidery and I've also played around with peyote stitched stars. I will post pictures in a future post... playing catch up, so to speak.

I look forward to getting back into the groove of my blog and hopefully blogging at least once a week. I want to try offering a free bead weaving pattern once a month, but haven't decided how to do it. Should I just post the picture of the pattern and have the reader just print the page? Or ask the reader to post a comment and include their email address and then I send them the pattern via email? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4-18-2012 More - What I've Been Up To on the Beading Table

Here's another update about what I've been doing... I have a few that still need photos, but hopefully I will get to that soon. Anyway, here we go!

I made this Colorful Cats cuff for my friend, Pam. I added a beaded edging to take it up a notch and am glad I did this as I think it gives it a little extra oomph.

The following cuffs are not total re-do's, I just switched out the toggle for a more suitable button. Also, hoping to give them an extra oomph.

Like I said, I still have photos to take of more recent work. I've also added to the number of patterns I have listed in my Zibbet shop. I have more items in the works, a couple of experiments and gifts and I need to make some more of my Paw Print cuffs for my shop. I'd also like to get a couple of my Pit Bull Cuffs made up to have on hand for rescue groups and silent auctions. So, I am keeping busy and I hope to learn a few more techniques this year and do a bit more experimenting.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

4-4-12 What I've Been Beading

I can't believe it's been so long since I have updated my blog!! I've thought about it, but haven't actually made it here til now. I've been beading and training the wild child, Sage, for life in our house and of course homeschooling and managing the kids. This is the first day of our spring break.... the public school had their's a couple of weeks ago, but it was also the same time we had a bunch of rain so I postponed it. The kids just took their skills test (yesterday) and I figured it was a great time for all of us to have our break.... I think I needed it more than they did. Whew!

So, anyway, I have been beading... for friends (like the cuffs above), for my shop, for donating, and now for myself. I have also updated both of my shop listings and they are coming along quite nicely. Here are the pictures...

My fascination with beaded ropes continues.... the above was made with Czech seed beads in a spiral weave chain with copper finished chain and ribbon. I like it a lot and need to make one for myself... in fact, I've already ordered the beads.

Here are two versions of my loomed Sugar Skulls Cuff. I completed this for a Facebook group I am in called Bead Looming Intervention. I used the warp management technique taught by Erin, the group's creator. I like the pattern on the right the best, but the bead edging on the ribbon crimps on the left for finishing it up.

Here are two cuffs that I donated to The Cats House On the Kings and their silent auction. I love being able to help organizations like this! One of these days I will learn to make some ahead of time, before they are needed, in order to always have some on hand. I do like to be prepared in case I can help out.

This is my first attempt at bead embroidery on a bracelet or cuff. I think it came out pretty good, I love the mirrors on it, although when wearing it, I'll have to remember to check that the mirrors stay clean. I look forward to doing more bead embroidery in the future.

And here is another spiral beaded rope... this time using some large shell focals. Considering the colors I used in both of these beaded ropes, I guess it's not hard to figure out that I am missing the ocean... a lot!

And I have more pictures to share of what I've been up to... another day :-)