Graph Paper

Ok, I don't know how many of you out there do your own patterns for beading, but it can be annoying. Its hard to find decent graph paper that is free and yet scans well after you have put a pattern on it. It is also really hard to find beading graph paper (aside from loom stitch or square stitch that uses a basic grid that is sold every where!) that goes from edge to edge. Call me crazy, but sometimes you just have a large pattern. Or better yet, you want to get as many patterns on the page as possible, so you want it to go from edge to edge. Maybe you want to save paper, instead of a graph with 2 inch margins all around, how about only have a 0.2 inch margin? Or whatever your printer allows.

All right, enough venting! has a nice free service that allows you to put in your size requirements and get quite a few different graphs, including brick! And did I say free? And after only a couple of tries, you very easily get what you want and it allows you to save it to pdf for your future use! Now I just need to find more time and space to spread my stuff out and have at it!


Tams said…
Free? You don't need to mention it a second time.
Orette said…
It's cool that you can save it to pdf.
Jenna said…
Nice link for beading.

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