Jax Jags pattern

Here is a scan of my Jax Jags mini flag that I created for my husband. I did it using peyote stitch (I guess it is my favorite stitch) and used 4 colors of Toho seed beads. I will include a picture of the pattern, if you would like the PDF file of the pattern, just email me and I would be more that happy to share it with you.

I created this pattern on graph paper that I downloaded off of the internet. It was a pain-in-the-butt, but I think the outcome was fabulous! This past weekend I wrestled with the program BeadCreator. I clicked and clicked to what I believe is a professional looking pattern. Ugh! Anyway, if you decide to tackle it, I think you will enjoy it. Its a good way to bead something for a guy as a gift or whatever.


ursula said…
Girls like it too.

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