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Favorite beading items

I thought it would be a good idea to list and describe some of my favorite things that I use in my beading. This will give you a better understanding of my approach to projects and possibly give you an idea or two for yours. I will do this over a couple of posts, and who knows how many I will add.

Okay, in no particular order, here are some of my favorites;

1. Miyuki Delica seed beads! Size 11/0 in particular. I love the uniformity and the variety of color choices! LOVE LOVE LOVE

2. Gudebrod Kevlar thread. I love it for beading with Delica seed beads. It doesn't fray too much, it can be dyed (the lightest available color being yellow) and it's STRONG. I don't use it on every stitching project as it is harder to find than Nymo and other threads. You can find this fine thread at Fire Mountain (one of my favorite places to shop online for beads), Cabelas (fishing/hunting supplies online and in-store) and other fishing supply store, specifically for fly-tying. It comes in a va…

Bead patterns for sale

Oh, I forgot to mention, I have patterns for sale under the name, 3 Peeps Designs! I have quite a few of them and am now wondering if I should post some on Etsy or other bead pattern sites because Sova Enterprises, the owners of takes a hefty chunk of money.

I am also investigating free software for putting watermarks on my images. I would hate to find someone is using my patterns without giving me credit.

I am back and am committed to doing this, if only for myself

Okay, I am back. Sorry for the long absence, I have been busy, busy, busy. I started homeschooling my two kids and that takes A HUGE chunk of my time. Not to mention I am never alone unless I am in the bathroom, and then I still have company because my puppy always joins me. That is another change in my life that has added to the time crunch. His name is Charlie (I picked the name because of the adorable commercial of the baby laughing and his name was Charlie). Anyway, he is 8 months old now.

My parents rescued a stray after the death of their dog, Phantom. I was there for it, helped and cheered them on. I hoped with all my might that they would keep her. I am a sucker for animals and so is my father. I think that is why her chances for staying with them were so great. And of course my mother is a nurturer and thus couldn't turn her back on the dog. They ended up calling her Sophie, my father doesn't like the name, but hey, she picked it! Anyway, she didn't appear to hav…