Cafe Press

So, last Thursday and Friday, I spent quite a few hours reading about how to get graphics ready to upload onto a store front. I opened a free store front and played and played and played with the images of my favorite dog patterns and finally have some items in my Cafe Press store. I am a bit unsure if I did it right, will have to wait for some feedback or when I have the extra money, order some of my items... I did images for t-shirts, apon, stationary, a pillow, a clock, etc.... If it is successfull, I may open up a bunch of shops for the individual breed. Anyhow, I really need to become friends with some graphics programs as I don't find it easy... and so much of the stuff out there is just so cool and creative... Anyway, I added graphics for the patterns that I think are "fit to be worn." If you have the time, check it out;


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