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We've got a job!!!!!!!!

Ok, not we, but my husband, has found a new job. He received the offer yesterday and he accepted early afternoon today. We are going to moving again, but alas, the end is near.... all the work we've been doing on our house; accelerating projects, painting every room a boring shade of neutral (except for the kitchen) and doing things that just make the house look nice and updated, even if it wasn't exactly how we wanted it. I am going to be so sad to say goodbye to this house. It was supposed to be my forever home, so much room, so much potential for long term growth of our family and life. Solid bones!!! I hope to find something like this Brady Bunch house in Arkansas. There's just something I like about houses built in the 70's, I am drawn to them! Rambling ranches with room for everything!

Anyway, my husband goes for some computer training next week with his new group and then when he gets back, we will list the house. So about a week to get the last things done.... j…