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A Note

Sorry I haven't updated my blog lately, I just haven't felt inspired lately and have been too busy. Then yesterday afternoon I received the best note ever! About a month and a half ago I participated in the 48 Hours For Larry silent auction and donated 5 things to be auctioned off. Well, slowly but surely I have received the names and addresses of where to send the items, actually, a little slower than I would like, but I didn't have any control over that. Anyway, I sent out my beaded Cat Dream Catcher to Bob this past Friday and he had it by Monday. I was surprised at how quickly the post office delivered it, especially since it went all of the way to California! I love creating stuff, but am still not entirely comfortable selling my creations. I love giving my things away as gifts, but selling them just opens a whole can of worms that I don't necessarily want to deal with. What if someone gets it and hates it? Or what if they think it looks like a kid made it? Or it …