Monday, February 09, 2009

Another free avatar maker

Here is another one.. fun..... I am often on the beach with at least one of my dogs and love to call family up north from the beach.... I like to tell them how warm and beautiful it is! Once again, I couldn't find curyly hair... I imagine it is pretty tough to do.. but a pony tail on the beach is the way to go.... humidity, sun damaged hair, wind.... water.... definitely a pony tail is the way to go :) Here is the link to the site that allowed me to create this one. Its called MessDudes and its free and easy.


Here is another free avatar website... he creates them and you can upload them; The Avatar Creator. I haven't found any in my quick google search that have curly hair like mine, but that is ok... I like the big eyed avatars, manga-like. Anyway, this one has cool Orb people avatars, like the one above for USA.... There are quite a few that require you to download an application and I don't like that. I wish I could use my Nintendo Wii's Mii....

Otaku Avatar Maker

Here is another free avatar maker by Otaku Avatar Maker similar the the other maker I posted.

Avatar maker

I found a cool free avatar creator, it's called Portrait Illustration Maker. Here are some that I came up with... there are a huge number of different combinations you can choose from.

Cafe Press

So, last Thursday and Friday, I spent quite a few hours reading about how to get graphics ready to upload onto a store front. I opened a free store front and played and played and played with the images of my favorite dog patterns and finally have some items in my Cafe Press store. I am a bit unsure if I did it right, will have to wait for some feedback or when I have the extra money, order some of my items... I did images for t-shirts, apon, stationary, a pillow, a clock, etc.... If it is successfull, I may open up a bunch of shops for the individual breed. Anyhow, I really need to become friends with some graphics programs as I don't find it easy... and so much of the stuff out there is just so cool and creative... Anyway, I added graphics for the patterns that I think are "fit to be worn." If you have the time, check it out;