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Cuffs I Created in December 2009

I've gotten the cuff making bug, mainly 2-drop peyote cuff making. I'm having a lot fun and my brain has been over-active and keeping me awake at night. After the "Christmas Ribbon" Cuff, I did a basic one that I call "Black Static" and it is pictured below. The actual cuff can purchased in my ArtFire shop.

The next cuff I created, I call "Pink Amoeba" and I gave it to my daughter for Christmas. She loved it from start to finish. You can purchase the pattern at my ArtFire shop, as well. It reminds me of the shapes I saw in a microscope as a kid and it was fun to create in the different shades of pink!
The next couple of cuffs I've created since these two are some of my favorites! I actually drew out and charted a couple of them back in November while watching the movers pack up our stuff. After we settled in at the cottage (relatively speaking) I took them out and started working on them in between home schooling and house hunting and entertaini…

My Poor Blog...

I'm shocked to see its been so long since I last posted! A lot has been going on in my life and I haven't done much writing about it. I guess now is as good a time as ever to update.

I want to thank you for supporting the Have A Heart For Tanya. They were able to raise the money needed for her surgery and the last I heard, it went well and she is in recovery.

Our move is going slowly, we have had one sales contract go under on our house for sale. We were fortunate to get another contract for more than the first, and are now waiting for the bank to approve and get us a closing date. Yup, we are doing a short sale. It sucks. We've worked so hard since college days of racking up debt, to clean up our act and then this happens. I don't really know what it will do to our credit ratings, there's mixed reviews on that when I did a Google search on short sales. Fortunately, because we haven't missed any payments and are relocated to a new state for a new job, we can stil…