3PD Sneak Peak Current Cuffs

In case you don't have Facebook, here are a couple of pictures of my current cuffs for April 2010. The designs were thought up last month and have been waiting in the que to be beaded... I need to get a bunch done and the patterns listed because of the impending move. Then I will be slowed down with painting and unpacking and decorating. So I figured I should just jump in and start them... the ones I don't like or "feel" will be put on the back burner to simmer ad perhaps be changed.

The one in the middle is called "Lake Trout,"I've been staring at a painted, wooden lake trout here in the cottage every day.... its right next to the bathroom sink. Another one is "Memory," its the white and 2-shades-of-teal -one, in the top row... a ribbon that reminds me of a person's memory... still thinking of names for the others... suggestions are appreciated!


:-) MaryLou said…
Oooh, that one with the diamonds incorporated into the ribbony design is great! :-)
3 Peeps Designs said…
Thank you, MaryLou! From reading your FB posts, blog, and seeing your bead work every day, I consider you a professional beader and your opinion is important to me!
-- Mona
Anonymous said…
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