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Sunny Skies

Thanks so much for such positive and supportive comments regarding our loss of Mojo!! It really helped putting those words down on paper, so-to-speak. And its rather funny but sad -- aside from my immediate family here, I can't talk about it with the rest of my family. Very briefly with my dad when it was too fresh and not with anyone else. I don't understand it.

We've moved into the new house, although we've yet to close on it. We are doing an early occupancy and paying rent. At least it is cheaper and more comfortable than the furnished cottage. Our house in Jacksonville is still almost ready to close on... we received the verbal okay from the lender for the short sale. The buyers are getting antsy and are driving us crazy with stress. We've talked them down from their sudden deadline of this coming Friday for the approval. I don't think they understand that we are just as antsy to close. This is holding up our lives too. We offered them early occupancy, but t…

We've lost our Mojo

A couple of weeks ago our beloved teen kitty, Mojo, passed away. It happened so suddenly and I have never felt so helpless! Thankfully, we (the kids and I) were home when it happened. He had just finished having lunch and came into my bedroom to use the scratching post. I was having a sick day and was in bed. After he did his bit with the scratching post, he let out his kitty battle cry and took off running. Fully expecting his usual spaz show, I didn't expect to hear him fall and then my son to say that Mojo was peeing on the floor. I jumped up and ran to him. He was on his side and already fading. The point of writing about this is to hopefully find some closure, I can't talk about him yet without crying. Jason brought his ashes home yesterday and once again I was balling. I can't remember the name of the condition the vet said he had, but apparently its rare and affects young cats. Mojo didn't make it to his first birthday... he was close, only about a month to go. …


I have been awarded the Sunshine Award by A Touch of Glass Jewelry (her painted ladies are absolutely amazing!) It pleases me to no end that I have readers for my blog whom enjoy my blog. I struggle with writing this blog because I haven't found my writing style yet, which is funny because I used to write all of the time. But being a wife and mother and homeschooling my kids and taking care of my pets, I lose "me" time and lately have only devoted my personal time to beading and playing Mafia Wars on Facebook, LOL. I have to make a better effort to write, it is after all a journal. I need to find the joy in it just like my kids have for their journal time.

Anyway, now to share the link love and pass along the sunshine. The Sunshine Blog Award is awarded to bloggers whose positive and creativity inspires others in the blog world. The rules for accepting the award are:

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