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New Layout

I've decided to update the layout of my blog since its been so long since I last wrote. There have been many changes in our lives and things are finally settling down. Thanks so much for indulging me with my post about Mojo. I was so angry and upset but I've finally settled to just being sad and happy when I think of him - mixed bag that I hope eventually fades to just being happy when I think of him. So, we are finally getting settled in the new house and have added to our family. I didn't think we would adopt a couple of kittens so quickly (or what feels like quickly to me) but the kids were having trouble moving on. So about a month and a half ago we went looking to add another kitty to our family. I figured if we didn't start crying at the site of the kittens, then it would be ok for us to adopt one at that time. We didn't cry, in fact we did a lot of giggling and smiling. Well, we ended up adding two! And we didn't want another black kitty, but we ended up…