Light Tent and Watermarks, Oh My!

I've been pretty busy lately, and not just with beading - school has started and that means I have less time to play. So, while I begin another year of homeschooling the kids, I have also started experimenting with photography and making watermarks. I want to take better photographs of my jewelry and bead work as well as have a professional looking watermark to put on the images.

My husband helped make the light tent out of PVC pipe - the directions for which I found online. I changed the measurements and tweaked the design to work for me and I think I'm happy with it. I haven't actually taken a picture of the light tent yet, but here is the link as well as a picture of what I used as inspiration and guidance. For the watermark, I used Photoshop and Mark It Now! plus a free graphic from OpenClipArt. Here is a picture of what I have created with all of this so far;

Its a work in progress... hope to have better photographs tomorrow... I think I like the watermark as is, but I guess I just need to sleep on it!


Susan Calvert said…
Like those skullies!!!

Let me know how the watermark works.
Beadwright said…
Love the set. Anything skulls

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