Where I'm At With the Light Tent

So, I'm getting to know my camera better these days. Trying to figure out all of the manual options and what-not. I have a Panasonic DMC-Fz5 that is about 6 years old. We originally bought it when the kids were taking Tae Kwon Do classes and wanted a good zoom so that we could catch all of the action. The camera has been great, the only limitations have been our lack of knowledge. The zoom has been sticking a little bit, none responsive during some moments. I don't know if we've come to the end of its life or if it can be repaired. Jay has mentioned taking it in, we shall see if he does that for me. Otherwise, I will be looking for a new camera and it will be the same brand and product line, just a newer model. If I start looking now, I'll be able take my time and get a good price. Anyway, these are a couple of photos that I've taken over the last few days. I've been messing around with light bulbs and sheets. Looking for the perfect backdrop or props. Using the tri-pods more than I have ever used them before. And best of all, I sort of trashed my studio and have some cleaning up to do. Ahh... I see my battery is finished charging. Can't wait to give it another go tomorrow.


Wonderful color choice and movement!

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