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What I have been up to... here's a coupon!

I can't believe I haven't posted anything in so long! I have a good excuse - I've been busy beading more donations for some great dog rescue groups. This time I am concentrating on Pit Bull and Bully rescue groups. I have also opened a second shop at Artfire exclusively for my bead patterns. Over the weekend I finished transferring the patterns from 3PeepsDesigns to 3PeepsDesignsToo.

In celebration of this second shop opening, I want to offer the readers of my blog a coupon to use in my shop - its good for 25% off of the total, good for 1 use, and expires on Dec 20, 2010. Here is the code: 6A6B659D0E-0A2B0438B2 I hope to see you soon!

And now for some eye candy... This first picture is of my Little Bully Cuff in Turquoise. It went to Pinups for Pitbulls in Pennsylvania for their silent auction to be held on Oct. 23.

I also sent to Pinups for Pitbulls this little gem. It features my beaded paw prints on suede and edged with more beads. I liked this so much I added one on leat…

Get The Dog and Let's Play Dress Up!