Saturday, April 03, 2010

Another Cuff From November/December 2009

Here is another cuff I designed while watching professional movers pack up my stuff in November of last year. I call it "Olive Juice" and it grew from my feelings at that time in November because after a tough 6 months of being separated due to job reasons, my husband was home and we were packing up our stuff for our move to Arkansas. It was a celebratory mood, hence the olives from a martini. I don't drink martinis, I think they are nasty tasting, but perhaps I just haven't had the right one. And its called "Olive Juice" because the way your lips move, looks like you are saying "I love you" and its a funny joke from our college days. Anyway, the cuff is done in 2-drop Peyote. You can purchase the pattern from my Artfire shop http;//

Another cuff created earlier this year is my "3 Heart Fusion" cuff. Of course this was for Valentines Day. I wanted some bright red hearts and I succeeded after trial and error. This is also 2-drop Peyote and I am really enjoying this stitch. I am glad I finally took the time to learn it. The pattern is also available in my shop. You might prefer the actual cuff and you can get it as a made to order cuff. You tell me the size and I will stitch it up and mail it to you. Here is a "goth" version of my cuff. Its not as sugary sweet as the white and red one.

Next time I will show you my "Citrus Twist" cuff, "Patriot 7 & 8" cuffs, "Sugar Skulls" cuff, and my "Entwined" cuff. If you don't want to wait, please check out my fan page on FaceBook; 3 Peeps Designs


It really bugs me when when another artist borrows ideas and doesn't acknowledge it. This is one of the reasons that I sometimes question whether I should be putting my ideas and finished pieces out into the internet. But, I will try to stay positive and remind myself that she is a lot older and perhaps her ideas are slower in coming to her. I'm a lot younger and have plenty of years to get my things done. And I think I am doing pretty good considering this isn't my job and the only thing I do all day. I get a lot completed considering all that is going on in my life as well as home schooling my children and taking care of my husband, pets and the house. I document the entire process of my creations from the brainstorming - production - completion of my stuff just in case. And least this way I know I am not borrowing from other artist's ideas. Its one thing to be inspired by a piece and have yours turn out completely different. Its another to use the same exact subject, just larger and/or same exact thing with just different colors. Especially by someone so obsessed with copyrights. Irked.