Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Carpe Canem and My Greyhound Cuff

Well, today is the big day, the auction benefiting Carpe Canem started at 9am. This was the first chance I would have to view my cuff that I donated to them and see what other great items they have listed. There are a ton of items that have been donated, from cups to t-shirts, collars to note cards and they all have different starting bids.

My cuff, which I sell for $75 starts at a mere $6 bid. This is your chance to get one of my cuffs at a great price! And you will be helping a great organization; the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas. This is a great time of year for auctions too, because you can start your Christmas shopping early. I have a few tough-to-shop-for family members whom love helping non-profits like this.... hmm... I saw a cute pair of rain boots that would be perfect for someone special.

I hope they raise a good amount of money so that they can continue their rescue and rehabilitation of greyhounds. And this could be your chance to get a great deal on a handmade Peyote stitched greyhound cuff.

I hope to have the link for the next greyhound rescue auction by the end of the week., benefiting a rescue group in Ohio... I will keep you posted.