Little Pit Bull Cuff in Green Donated to Tyler Z. Nacisse's Rescue Group

I've donated this spring green Little Pit Bull cuff to another very worthy cause, Tyler Z. Nacisse's Rescue Group. He's just a normal guy who rescues pit bulls and works with other individuals and groups to give homeless pit bulls a second chance. The money raised will be used for some upcoming surgeries for a few of the pit bulls in his pack. Anyway, this cuff will be in a gift basket with some other great prizes that will go to the top 9 entries. This is a picture contest for a calendar and if you are one of the top 12, your photo will be used in a calendar for 2012. The dog in the photo can be a dog of any breed or mixed breed - you just have to have the rights to the photo. To enter a photo you will need to make a donation of $25 to his rescue group. Here is the link with all of the details;



Perlina Rosa said…
As a dog volunteer I completely share you love and support to homeless pets. I will definitely do some campaign on my blog to encourage my blog followers for adoption or donation to
the only dog shelter in Brooklyn. They do have too many animals to keep.
3 Peeps Designs said…
It looks like is a wonderful organization and I look forward to following them on Facebook. I also look forward to your future blog post about animal rescue and adoption. :-)

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