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Wordless Wednesday 8-31-2011


Current W.I.P Tuesday 8-30-2011

Sorry it's taken me so long to get this post up today. Its been a busy day of homeschooling and then lasagna making. I started making the sauce and then worked my way up to putting it all together. And I made four of them... three small ones and one large lasagna. One small lasagna will be for dinner tonight, one large and one small one will be frozen for future dinners, and one small one will be for the kids' golfing coach. She apparently loves lasagna and the kids have been bragging about my lasagna... So to thank her for all of her help and support with the kids and their golf skills the last four months, she gets a homemade lasagna.

So, here are a couple of photos from my current works in progress. I am making another Sugar Skulls Bracelet on the loom, the design is just slightly different than my last one, and I will be attaching it to either leather or suede. So far I've only done two rows, but at least its been warped and is ready to go. I confess I didn't get…

Monday Eye Candy 8-29-2011

These are just two of the many wonderful free wallpapers offered at Art Jewelry Magazine's website. Not only are they good looking, but they are really inspiring for a number of reasons including; I want my photos to look that good - and one day they will. They offer a lot of ideas whether you work with metal or not. They take you on a little journey when you just sit and tune out everything but the wallpaper. You could spend a lot of time just analyzing the way they were laid out and photographed. I can just sit there and brainstorm ideas on how they made the pieces and then go do some research. Or I can just relax and let my brain take me away and then I will have an idea for bead weaving.... yeah, ideas are just everywhere. And they just look good! Oh, did, I already say that?

While you are there checking out the free wallpaper, you should definitely spend time looking at the rest of their site. They have project ideas, a how-to section, videos, and a community forum full of in…

Anything Goes Friday 8-26-2011

I've recently bought some new needles... Tulip Co. beading needles. I bought them from Fox Den Beads when I made my last order of beads (they seem to be my go-to place for all of the newer Miyuki Delicas and seed beads.) I ordered the size 11 Tulip beading needle and they seem a little thicker than the size 12 needle I am used to. Anyway, I liked them. I was able to bead about two dozen of my beaded paw prints without really bending the needle. When I use a regular English beading needle size 12, I usually end up bending the needle a lot. I probably wouldn't bend the needle if I used a shorter needle, but my favorite length is 2 inches because it is so comfortable in my hand.

So, I used Toho Treasures for these paw prints because they are a tad larger then the Delicas and they make attaching to things a lot easier. The size 11 Tulip needle had no trouble going through the beads multiple times using size B Nymo. I am curious as to how the Tulip needles will handle going thro…

If I Won the Lottery Thursday 8-25-2011

If I won the lottery I would want to go loom shopping for these;

This is the biggest JalaLoom available right now. From what I've read, it's like the Cadillac of looms. There's been nothing but good things said about this loom in a bead looming group that I am in. And it wouldn't be a bad thing to have more than one size of this loom. Click on the picture to go to their website.

Next is the Mirrix Loom..... I've always wanted one of these, if nothing else but for the aesthetics of the loom. Its made out of metal and these are great for bead looming and tapestry weaving. I've never done tapestry weaving, but like most crafts, I bet I would like it. Again click on the picture to go to their website.

I do want another loom from I have the Delica loom and love it. It's made so well and for this second one I would want a customized one. Just a few changes including making it a bit larger than the largest one they offer on their website. Their w…

Wordless Wednesday 8-24-2011


Work In Progress Tuesday 8-23-2011

Well, I haven't gotten very far with the grey/red pattern... I like the pattern but one of the cats sat on my bead tray and now I need to sort the beads and get back to it. The Sugar Skulls Cuff is loomed and I finished it up this morning. I like my new pattern very much and it will eventually show up in my 3PeepsDesignsToo pattern shop. I plan to do another loomed Sugar Skulls cuff and attach it to leather. The paw prints are still waiting to be attached to leather or suede and made into a bracelet. And I am teaching myself some new stitches... the beaded spiral and the Cellini spiral aka peyote spiral. So many ideas, so little time.

New format...

I've decided to try something new to get me to spend more time on my blog.
Mondays will now be "Eye Candy Monday"
Tuesday will be "Work In Progress Tuesday"
Wednesdays will still be "Wordless Wednesday"
Thursdays will be "If I Won the Lottery Thursday"
Friday will be "Anything Goes Friday"

So, here's my Eye Candy for Monday......

This is a free wallpaper download from Yeah, he's still a hottie!

You are welcome and I hope you have a great day!

What I've Been Up To

Here are some projects that I've completed in May and June 2011. Included are some newly designed cuffs (the "Henna Ink" and "Colorful Cats") and older designs like the paw print cuff and shells cuff. I also created some beaded Pasties :-) I gave the pink and grey "Colorful Cats" cuff to my daughter for her 12th birthday. The one with the blue background went to my sister and the cream colored background "Colorful Cats" will go into my 3 Peeps Designs Artfire shop. The pattern is available in my 3 Peeps Designs Too shop.

Here are projects from June/July... once again a new one (the "3 Bullies" Cuff) and some redo's of old designs. The "Lemon Drop" Cuff was redone and I call it the "Twisted Lemon Drop" and I created it for my Aunt Linda. I made the "Paw Prints" cuff (again in blue... such a universal color) to donate with the "3 Bullies" Cuff to Carolina Care Bullies and their silent aucti…