W.I.P. Tuesday 10-4-2011

Sorry I am late posting these pictures, but I've been very busy... I did think about my blog all day, though.

This is my current beading tray that I am working on. More paw prints for some more lariats and some bracelets. And then a necklace with some beaded tubes.

These are some of the crystals my family and I dug up this past Saturday. We went down to Mount Ida and stopped into Judy's Crystals to dig up our own. This is turning into an annual event for us and it's a lot of fun. These are just a few from the first batch of cleaning that we have done. Some are clear crystals and others are milky. Arkansas (Mt. Ida in particular) is the quartz crystal capital of the world. Some of these will end up in craft projects, some will end up in the garden and others will end up in a bowl sending out positive energy inside the house.


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