Friday, September 16, 2011

Anything Goes Friday 9-16-2011

Well, it's another cold day. We are  officially 20-some degrees lower than the average for this day in history. We actually turned the heater on last night. It is rather unbelievable for September in this part of the country. And I'm not the only one not liking the weather. Charlie, my super-duper dog is not enjoying the almost rain (it's really just been spitting all day,) dreary sky, and chill in the air. He went from bed to bed this morning and didn't officially get up for good until lunch time. He knows on days like this he won't be outside much and he hates it. 

So here is a picture of Mr. Charlie moping at my side... he likes to sit where my feet would normally go and put his head in my lap if possible. Between my couch and the coffee table is where you can find him if he is moping and wants attention.

 I guess it's time for some in-house catch. I bet he will drag out most of his toys and not put any away.