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Fostering 1-26-2012

Sorry I've been so slow with updating my blog... I have a good excuse... actually a few :-) We've been fostering some dogs... 1 adult dog and 3 puppies since the last week of December. The nice thing is that, aside from the fun we've had with all of them, we've found them all homes too. We are working with a small shelter in the next county that is filled to the rim with dogs and cats. Their county is very rural and they are the only shelter. It's called Madison County Pet Shelter and they are about an hour away from us. We first became aware of them when we saw their group having an adoption event at a local store. After speaking with them, well, I hadn't been able to get them out of my head. It was clear they needed more volunteers and foster families.

Well, not only are we helping them out with fostering, we are networking and I hope we can teach some of the other volunteers how to harness the power of the internet (especially FB) and network these pets to ge…


Well, I've decided to close my Artfire shops. I have noticed a significant lack of traffic to the site and have not seen any advertising by Artfire - just individuals doing to the promoting and whatnot to drive traffic to the site. It's disappointing, but what broke the camel's back was the new assurance program and the rude and disrespectful manner in which it has been handled by the Artfire staff, namely Tony.

So, my 3PeepsDesigns shop is open until Jan 10th and you have a chance to save a significant amount of money on my beaded jewelry and keepsakes! I lowered the prices a little bit on most items at the beginning of the year and now I am adding to that 25% off storewide!!!

My 3PeepsDesignsToo pattern shop will stay open until Jan 31st. So I am offering a Buy One Get One Free (pattern of your choice) until my shop closes!

After they close, I hope to have a new venue set up to sell my wares. If you have any suggestions, I sure would love to hear them.