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Wordless Wednesday 2-22-2012


Busy and Not Very Beady Motivated 2-9-2012

Hi! Life sure has been busy in the Ahleman household... we've got a new foster after having a little over a week off from getting Hootie adopted. This time - and for the very first time, I might ad - we are taking care of a little chihuahua. She is adorable, about 6 months old, 4.9 lbs and her name is Twinkie. She's been in the shelter pretty much since birth, she and her littermates ended up with Parvo and she is the only one who survived. She's gone between the shelter to the shelter manager's house and now our house. She was a bit scared on the drive and a bit timid the first couple of days but she's getting confident and we are seeing more and more of her wonderful personality. I have to admit, I was both scared and excited to foster her. Excited because she is so cute and who wouldn't want a little dog that could fit into a purse? Scared because we have 2 big dogs (almost 80lbs) and they get excited - especially Apple, she loves little dogs but doesn't…