Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4-18-2012 More - What I've Been Up To on the Beading Table

Here's another update about what I've been doing... I have a few that still need photos, but hopefully I will get to that soon. Anyway, here we go!

I made this Colorful Cats cuff for my friend, Pam. I added a beaded edging to take it up a notch and am glad I did this as I think it gives it a little extra oomph.

The following cuffs are not total re-do's, I just switched out the toggle for a more suitable button. Also, hoping to give them an extra oomph.

Like I said, I still have photos to take of more recent work. I've also added to the number of patterns I have listed in my Zibbet shop. I have more items in the works, a couple of experiments and gifts and I need to make some more of my Paw Print cuffs for my shop. I'd also like to get a couple of my Pit Bull Cuffs made up to have on hand for rescue groups and silent auctions. So, I am keeping busy and I hope to learn a few more techniques this year and do a bit more experimenting.


Elaine said...

Wow! Your bead weaving is fantastic!

Just found your blog thanks to a post of a friend on Facebook.

Totally love your work! Never tried bead weaving. How would you recommend a beginner have a go?

3 Peeps Designs aka Mona Ahleman said...

Thanks so much! I recommend starting with some string and beads and a needle, nothing fancy in the beginning as it would just be for practice. Start with 8/0 or 6/0 seed beads or pony beads. And there are some wonderful videos on the web nowadays. Depending on what stitch you would like to do, just do a google search for videos. Here is one for Peyote Stitch
I started originally with square stitch and looming but then found peyote stitch and fell in love.
This may make a good blog post, I will make some notes and post one... that way I can include more info. Thank you!

Elaine said...

Thank you so much :)

It's always really nice to see how an expert does things, although I know taking sufficient photos to illustrate something takes forever!

I will wander off and look at the video you suggested :)

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