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Back to the Blog!

Hi! So much has been going on and so many weeks have gone by without an update from me and well, I felt I should get to it!
We've relocated again... well, technically, we are still in the middle of the transition because our house has yet to sell in Fayetteville. We had a good offer from an eccentric woman who wanted to include a lot of our personal property in the deal. The deal fell through about a week before we were to meet the movers to pack up our stuff... it sucked, but also was kind of a relief because the woman kept changing her mind and trying to change the terms of the contract... apparently, she did similar things to another family before us and the last I heard, she was onto another family. I hope she finds what she is looking for. 
So, we are currently waiting for another offer... the winter didn't help,what with the winter weather warnings and what-not. Life seems to stop in NWA whenever any winter weather is predicted for the area, so the weeks have been dragging…