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What I've been up to

Once again, I let my blog go stagnant. Sorry, but I've got some good excuses... We are fostering a dog for local rescue. We sort of got into it by accident. We found a dog dumping ground one night looking for an alternate way home due to an accident further up our usual route. We ended up picking up two puppies a couple of days later. We kept one and vetted the other and then found her a home. Before we were even done vetting them, we made plans to rescue the female dog that was hanging out with these puppies. She ended up being hit by a car and dying before we could gain her trust, so the very next day, we picked up another one of the dumped dogs. We named him Jack, we are working with Bailey's Arms Rescue Center and he is almost ready for adoption.

These two are Reba (blonde) and Luna (black), we guesstimate that they were about 4 months old, we still have doubts they were from the same litter. We found Reba an awesome new home and Luna has come out of her shell and keeping…