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What's Been Going On 7-10-2015

Well, once again I've slacked on my blog....

I have good reason!!! Or should I say, many good reasons!!!

Things are still just crazy busy. Our church life has grown by leaps and bounds, we found a Catholic Church here in Memphis that we really like. We are doing what we need to do to get Jay back in good standing as a Catholic that's been through confirmation and everything. This means we are taking classes on the weekends in order to get remarried in the church... so that the church recognizes our marriage. After that, the kids and I will take catechism classes so that they can be baptized and then the three of us will be confirmed... I think that is what you call it. We are going to a Traditional Latin Mass and doing things the "old" way which means Jay is learning everything all over again... the right way. I'm enjoying it. I find that I actually sleep pretty good at night.... I guess I needed to go back to the faith and teach my kids the faith. Some days I…