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Hello! Why Yes, This is Another Apology for Neglecting My Blog...

Gosh, time sure does fly! I cannot believe I have not posted in over a year. Bad, bad Mona! I have no real excuses, I've written things in my head, begun posts a hundred times, but simply never made the time to actually do it. I am sorry.

A lot has happened in the last 15 months or so. We moved. Again. Yup. We moved, again. This came in the form of my husband's company closing their Memphis location. We had the option to move with the job to New Jersey, but we said no way! No offense, but it wasn't as if the job location was in a nice part of the state and the cost of living was way too high. No thanks. I don't do crowds. Not at all. I think I have a problem. It isn't unusual for me to go to a store to shop and once I get there simply stay in the car and say forget it, its too crowded for me. And we didn't want to trade the high crime of Memphis to the high crime of New Jersey. And the job morale is rather low.

Anyway, so the job search started back in July (g…