Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Hi there! I have some good news.... the move has gone well, we are settled in, and now that we are no longer fostering dogs, I have some free time. Free time means I can start contributing to my blog again! Free time means more beading! I'm very excited!!

As a regular feature and a thank you for reading my blog, I am going to start posting a "Free Pattern Friday" post. You guessed it, it will feature one free pattern from me and I will do this twice a month, maybe more. 

If you want the featured free pattern, you just have to do two things:
  1. Comment on my blog (... a little more than just I want the free pattern, please :-)) 
  2. AND send me an email so that I can email the PDF to you... the comments section on my blog does not give me your email address... without your email address, I cannot send it. 
What Is Not Included:
  • Directions for peyote stitch are not included 
  • Directions for finishing the cuff are not included, i.e. picot edging, attaching to leather, adding loops and toggles or buttons. 
  • Word chart of the pattern is not included (I like to cut down on the use of paper and I laminate the color chart so that I just have to print it once but can reuse many times) 
  • Adobe Reader for viewing the PDF file

*** If you use my pattern, please be kind and give me the credit as the designer, ie beaded by Joe Shmoe and Designed by 3 Peeps Designs.  I don't mind if you sell your completed project for bead money, but I want design credit. Why do I want design credit? Well, I do still sell some of my patterns and I use the money to buy beads. It isn't a business, it is for fun. Seeing my designs in your shop (or anywhere else) without the design credit takes all of the fun away... and I will take steps to have the photo removed.. This is fun, I'm trying to be charitable, and I design a lot more than I have a chance to bead... and I know there are others who don't like to design, but do enjoy beading. As soon as Free Pattern Friday stops being fun, I will stop doing it.  Anyway, I plan on starting this on Friday, September 15th, 2017 so please come back!

 *** And just because I am offering my patterns for free does not mean you can just pass it around to your friends. Please, have them come to my blog and comment, etc in order to get their own copy.  * I know most of you don't need to be reminded of beady etiquette, but some of you do and I'm just trying to keep it real.

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Judibeads said...

I can't wait to see what Friday brings!