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Freebie Pattern Friday 12-8-2017 #7 Blessed Virgin Mary and The Holy Ghost

This is Freebie Pattern Friday #7 and it is of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Ghost. I created this from a vintage prayer card. It took a couple of months to bead up in my spare time. The finished piece measures 12 3/4" by 9 1/4" and I am very pleased with the way it came out. One day I will bead up another one, as this one is in its new home hundreds of mile from me. It uses all Miyuki Delica seed Beads and will come as a Word Document in PDF form... please don't ask for a color chart because I will not be creating a color chart version because it is so large and you just might go crazy trying to bead it from the color chart.

If you want the featured free pattern, you just have to do ONE thing:
Send me an email so that I can email the PDF to you... the comments form on my blog DOES NOT give me your email address... without your email address, I cannot send it. The contact form is located at the top of the page. Now, if you would like to leave a comment on my b…