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Freebie Pattern Friday 1-26-2018 "Poop" Emoji

Here is my pattern for my "Poop" Emoji. I came up with this pattern after seeing one of my Facebook friends post a picture of a poop or ice cream emoji that she made using Brick stick. I asked where I could buy the pattern because I have a teenage son who happens to giggle every time he sees this emoji, but she "couldn't remember" where she found it. I searched and searched and could not find anyone selling the pattern, just a few people selling completed emojis for sale. So, I decided I needed to make one, after all, my daughter gets most of my beadwork because it's jewelry. I could make this and put a magnet on the back or turn it into a pin or even sew it on something as a patch. Anyway, I got out my graph paper and markers and came up with a Peyote Stitch pattern (because, let's be honest, I don't really like Brick stitch... I find it to be very annoying.) I fine turned it while beading it up several times until I was happy with it. Then I put i…

Changes to blog 1-9-2018

Well, seems the excitement over my Freebie Friday Patterns has died down and so I am only going to do one a month. So, later this month, you can expect a new Freebie Friday Pattern from 3 Peeps Designs. 
The holidays went well for the most part. I didn't get everything made that I wanted to because I ended up getting sick twice and it's been slow recovering from the second bout of flu. The second flu ended up getting everyone in the house sick and our New Year's Eve plans were drastically different than what we had planned. The good thing was that it happened over our break and so no one missed work, school, or exams. My daughter did excellent for her first semester of college... she got a 4.0 and she was invited to become one of the 24 members of the veterinary tech positions. This is always great to hear and pass along to the family members who doubted our home schooling.... yup, validation is nice, although I shouldn't care. Of course, that same family is now worri…