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Early Freebie Pattern Friday for Valentine's Day 2-7-2018 Hearts Cuff

Today I present you with an early Freebie Friday Pattern. It's for Valentine's Day and I'd like you to have enough time to complete it for the big day.

If you want the featured free pattern, you just have to do ONE thing:
Send me an email so that I can email the PDF to you... the comments form on my blog DOES NOT give me your email address... without your email address, I cannot send it. The contact form is located at the top of the page. Now, if you would like to leave a comment on my blog, well, that is just gravy and I would certainly appreciate it... Feel free to comment on whether you like the pattern or not or if you have a blog I should check out, or how you use the pattern.  What Is Not Included: Directions for peyote stitch are not included... there are plenty of sources online for that by people who are better teachers than I.The Word pattern is not included because it is a relatively simple project and the color chart should be more than enough.I do not incl…