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Feebie Pattern Friday Little Frenchies Charms/Earrings 8-24-2018

Hey there! Sorry I haven't posted any free patterns in a while, but life often gets in the way.... and I really thought summer was going to be my chance to relax! I haven't done much beading at all. I didn't even touch my tapestry or the beaded box... just too much going on and when there is too much going on, even if I'm not the one running around, the impact of everyone else makes me make mistakes in my beading. On small projects, that isn't too bad because it's easy to fix, but on the bigger projects it is a bigger deal.

So, here are my Little Frenchies.... 2 different sizes, you choose the one you like best! Anyway, feel free to change up the colors and I would love to see what you create with them.  Remember, you don't have to stick with just charms or earrings, you can glue them onto magnets, attach to a tie pin, sew them onto clothing, etc.

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