Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3 Peeps Designs Business Card

It is official.... or will be once I get the call to pick up my business cards, I have a card to hand out, pass around, give to others to pass out, etc. I spent the weekend trying to learn a few things about Photoshop.... usually all I ever do is use it for resizing photos, but that is all changing. I uninstalled my ancient version of The Print Shop for managing photos and making signs, banners, etc.... this version was for back when people did everything on paper and making a banner didn't mean a shop banner. Whew! I am showing my age... remember the dot matrix printer annoying things that they were?

Anyway, Photoshop is a frustrating software full of magical stuff to make all of your photo manipulating and graphic dreams come true. Most important thing I learned was that Layers is the one thing you need for making anything go smoothly... I managed to use my little mouse pad on the laptop to draw my little bird... one of my 3 Peeps.... I did it with one finger on one hand holding down the left button and my middle finger on the other hand drawing the bird on the mouse pad. It came out looking a little squiggley but once I did some erasing and filling in the color it looked better. Plus I reminded myself that it wouldn't be this large, thus it wouldn't look as shakey. Then I drew little bird foot prints the same way as their own transparent image so I could layer and all of that... Sometime I need to take a class in using Photoshop and save up the money to get a current version of it.

I opted to leave my phone number off of my card as well as my address. I don't have a physical shop so I didn't feel a need for an address. I left my phone number off because I am not a phone person unless its for catching up with friends or family. I email, blog, Twitter a little, and Facebook now. I don't text. Oh, and I try to hang out in the forums and chat there. So I put my email address, blog site, and Art Fire shop on the card with my nifty name and logo. What do you think?

I chose Office Depot to make them for several reasons; 1) they are friendly, 2) they aren't too busy to be helpful 3) their website shows prices, which the other contenders (office stores) aren't always keen to do and 4) I have never ordered business cards and wanted someone to physically walk me thru it. I got smooth paper, raised printing, and can't wait to have them in my hot little hands! So in about 5 business days I will have them. Then I will send some to NinjaJenn in a bc exchange and hopefully to some other shops as well. BTW NinjaJenn has a great shop that you should check out... She upcycles and features some great pendants made out of Scrabble tiles:If you would like to exchange business cards, let me know, drop me a line and I will send you my address!


Bea said...

Your Peeps are adorable (although, I am suddenly craving sugar-coated marshmallow...) :)

I think leaving the phone and physical/snailmail addresses off was a good choice. These days, you really can't be too careful with what goes up on the web, and you've left more than enough ways to contact you.

3 Peeps Designs said...

Thanks for checking it out!

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