Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Delica Bead Shopping List

I have been looking all over for a shopping list, chart, or cheat sheet if you will, for Delica beads. I don't need to know the finishes and durability and what not because this is for my purse, so I don't want to have to carry a book with me when I go shopping at bead stores. Anyway, I couldn't find anything except for one chart from 2006, thus it didn't include all of the new colors or even hex cut Delicas. So I made one using Excel and I fit them all on one page. This way, only one piece of paper for my purse and each number is in little box so that it is easy to cross it off when I purchase it. As there are over 800 Delica colors, I have a long way to go in getting all of them, but this will certainly make it easier for when I have extra money and want to add to my collection. Normally one could just make a list of the colors you want before going to the bead shop, but not all shops are created equal and not all shops will have every color. So, a list of colors to buy only comes in handy if you know that those colors are indeed available at that particular store.

So, if you would like a copy, just email me and I will send you a pdf of the chart.

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