Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Check out this blog Mystic Mandalas

I found this while surfing blogs and reading online.... Its a great website and the work is top notch! Mystic Mandalas and she has a Picasa Web Album with a few of her completed mandalas. And this is what I learned from her profile, she is mainly self-taught colored pencil artist, with a passion for animals, mandalas, curry, and pencils. She is based out of the United Kingdom and she just does top notch work! I wish I could draw half as good as she can!

Mystic Mandalas A blog to feed my desire and knowledge about the sacred art of creating Mandalas, and to show some of my own humble efforts.

You can buy a copy of one of her other mandalas online at Imagekind.


Anonymous said...

I have been offline for the last few days, so am catching up on stuff and just came across your post.....gosh I am so chuffed that you have included a post about me in your blog....thankyou so much, made my day !

Unknown said...

Your work is so beautiful, I would be crazy not to post it!

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