Friday, February 27, 2009

The Sampler

Has anyone heard of this site -- The Sampler ? I was browsing through the Etsy Storque pages, looking for info and advice on start up shops and came across this. It doesn't seem to be just related to Etsy which is nice, because although a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..... A long time ago I signed up but never opened a shop with them.
What they do is collect a bunch of samples from Indie artisans, record labels and zines. They gather all of the samples up and put one each in a box and then mail them out to whomever is on their mailing list to receive one. Sounds like a great way to promote your shop... the hard part is figuring out what you can make enough of (you need at least 25 items to send to them to promote your shop) that best represents your shop. They also have a ton of links to shops and stores, feature a gallery of items that have been contributed to The Sampler and you can even sign up to pay and receive a Sampler delivered to your door... $30 for the regular size and $10 for the mini sampler. They also have International Sampler boxes and are doing a City Sampler, but those are currently sold out. And one other thing to note "The Sampler was invited by to be a sponsor at the 2008 Gift Lounge for the MTV Movie Awards!"

Sounds like this may very well be worth following up on.

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Diana said...

Yeah.. I was thinking of that too, but i do not think its possible for me to send in samples..


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