Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shop Windows at ArtFire blogspot

I just found a new ArtFire blog via Twitter that is dedicated to showcasing ArtFire shop windows, in fact it is called Shop Windows at ArtFire and isn't run by ArtFire admins but by users of ArtFire.

You need to be a verified member of ArtFire in order to be featured because they utilize the Rapid Cart, so that visitors can just purchase the item they want without having to join ArtFire. This is a great place for sellers to describe their shops, list their sales, give aways, newest listings, etc. I think this has the potential to be a great source for promoting your shop.

I also wanted to mention that I opened a second shop.... after reading the ArtFire forums, I've decided it would be best to have a separate shop for my de-stash so that it doesn't get in the way of my patterns and jewelry and home decor,etc.-- my actual handmade stuff versus my supplies for sale. So, if you have the time, check it out in a few days. It is called 3PeepsDestash


I just added myself to WeFollow: A User Powered Twitter Directory under #blogger, #artfire, #artisan If you Twitter, you should do the same, that way people searching for specific kinds of Twitter users will find you and follow you.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I've been Tumblr-d

I've been Tumblr-d ... come check it out and all of the other great ArtFire artisans!

Bath Favorites Spotlight

It's funny, but whenever I'm checking out the new additions to ArtFire, the soap draws my eye. I don't make soap, but one day I will try it. I don't buy fancy soaps, but one day I will purchase some of the ones on my Hot List. I love the scents, I love the idea of taking a bubble bath and actually having the privacy to do it and not have the water get cold either! The combination of scents and some of the descriptions are just heavenly!

I've done a bit of reading on making bath and beauty products and am just fascinated by it all. I don't know if I am a disciplined enough cook for making this sort of stuff, though. I tend to be the type of cook that uses a recipe as a guide, I don't measure much, and do guestimate a lot! My cooking usually comes out pretty good, but I think you have to be more of a scientist to make soaps, lotions, and bath fizzies. As my husband likes to say, "cooking is a science" and I always say in return, "no it isn't, its an art"...

This leads to this blog I found, I think it's relatively new as there aren't many posts, but it is called The Holistic Diva and has a great post on bath salts and salt in general. It is definitely a blog that I will keep my eye on!

Hopefully this spotlight will make you want to click on some of the items and do a little bit of shopping!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

byhand.me Spotlight of Things I Love

These are all things I have found around the ArtFire community that I just love! Each are unique and call to me in their own way. Perhaps when things get straightened out in my life, I will be able to purchase a couple.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pink Flower Earrings from DandelionByMistydawn

I purchased these beautiful earrings from DandelionByMistydawn on Art Fire. I used money I made from my first sale on Art Fire hoping to spread the good fortune. I picked these earrings because they reminded me instantly of spring. They are handmade with sterling silver ear wires, findings, beadcaps, resin flowers, and Czech glass beads. The shipping price was reasonable and was mailed promptly. She told me when she shipped them and I wasn't left wondering when they would show up at my door. I hate when a seller on any site doesn't tell you when they actually mail whatever it is you order. Anyway, when I opened the package, the earrings were wrapped nicely in a box with pretty ribbon and a business card and a tag on the earrings. I like that she went the extra mile to make a pretty presentation. I plan on sending these to a friend as an unexpected gift to brighten up her day. She lives up north and I know it is only just beginning to show signs of spring up there.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blog Makeover

I've wanted to update my blog for a while.... tried a small template change a few weeks ago, it was alright... especially the layout, but color-wise, it was just so-so. Last night, I spent quite a few hours up by myself (even the dogs were asleep and leaving me alone) and I did a little research, found some info, bookmarked it and this morning I started looking at the websites.

The website I got the new template from is called The Cutest Blog on the Block and it offers free backgrounds, how-to and advice for revamping your blog. It's truly worth a look as it has so much wonderful information. I will certainly go back, but like a work of art, less is more, I have to remind myself not to go overboard! Anyway, how do you like the pink cheetah print?

The second website I used was Moms Who Blog and it's all about hacks and hints for the busy mom's blog... I will be on this site often! And that site led me to this site called My Live Signature. This website walks you through creating a signature to add to the end of your blog posts (check out mine below in nifty yellow), to your email or to your website. It's certainly worth the time to do because it adds that personal touch to your blog that is often missing in electronic journals.

I hope you get the chance to check these websites out as they are very informative and they teach you how to go about adding a touch of class or whimsy to your blogs!

Mini Wallet purchased from Fabric and Stuff

Well its about time I get back to blogging.... we are still job hunting... but I need to also stay focused on my blog and Art Fire shop. I used the money I made from my first sale to purchase a few items form other Art Fire shops as a way of seeing things through the buyer's eyes as well as keeping the good fortune going.My first purchase was this Mini Wallet from Fabric and Stuff. It is a great little wallet and beautifully made. It is 100% handmade and the fabric is vibrant, oh so vibrant! I love this color combination... similar colors can be found in my kitchen! The shipping price was fair, the ship time was fantastic, and it was packaged nicely! The communication before the sale was great too. I liked her items in her shop, but had asked if another color combination was available and she promptly sent pictures of the colors available. Once I chose one, she listed it and reserved it in my name and I was able to buy it. And with Art Fire's new Rapid Cart, you don't need to be a member or sign up for an account. You can just click on the picture of the item you want and pay for it. Fabric and Stuff's Donna Stanley also has a blog and it is worth checking out! She has great pictures of her products and the differnt colors available, from checkbook covers to pin cushions, she has it all. And the colors! Oh I could just go on and on! I have a thing for fabric, especially the bright, cheerful ones and I bet she does too! Other tidbits and gems can be found on her blog as well. Please take a look!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two new listings on ArtFire - Mini Greyhound and Whippet

I just wanted to quickly point out two new listings on ArtFire from me..... one is for a Mini Greyhound pattern that I created for peyote or brick stitch.The other is for a Whippet pattern that I created for peyote and/or brick stitch. Eventually I hope to list the actual dogs that I stitched up, in some sort of decorative frame or display. I love these dogs and surprisingly, the greyhound seems to be the hot dog on ArtFire right now. I thought for sure it would be a Pomeranian or Chihuahua. Anyway, these two dogs were inspired by my dog, Apple. She is a greyhound mix, black with some white socks, chest, and a white blaze on her face. She is a very striking dog, very tall, and has a very loud bark which intimidates a lot of people. Anyway, I am stitching up the next dog, which happens to be the regular-sized greyhound and am about 2/3 of the way done... will hope to have it on ArtFire within a day or so... And then I move on to a cat that I created and then a Malamute... I am still stewing an Akita in my head as well as a Scotty.... and then of course more cats.... I need to show equal love, as I have two wonderful kitties as well as my 2 dogs.Anyway, I always stitch up my patterns before listing them to make sure they don't look funny when done. I have a few patterns waiting in the line-up for stitching before I can list them. I wish my mom or sister would give bead weaving a shot, so that they could be my stitchers for when I have a backlog. LOL I will be teaching my kids how to use a bead loom. We are starting out small, with one of my paw print designs that is done and just waiting for stitching. Fun days! I wonder who will love it more, my daughter or my son?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Busy, tough time

I have a bad cold and am falling behind on the blog and Art Fire, not much promoting or creating going on.

Third, the artisans on Art Fire are promoting a version of a stimulus package.... savings abound! It is definitely worth checking out and hopefully you will spend a few dollars!

First Freebie Pattern Friday!!

As I posted two days ago , I am going to start posting on my blog again... on a regular basis. *Gasp* I know, I know, but my schedule is ope...