Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pink Flower Earrings from DandelionByMistydawn

I purchased these beautiful earrings from DandelionByMistydawn on Art Fire. I used money I made from my first sale on Art Fire hoping to spread the good fortune. I picked these earrings because they reminded me instantly of spring. They are handmade with sterling silver ear wires, findings, beadcaps, resin flowers, and Czech glass beads. The shipping price was reasonable and was mailed promptly. She told me when she shipped them and I wasn't left wondering when they would show up at my door. I hate when a seller on any site doesn't tell you when they actually mail whatever it is you order. Anyway, when I opened the package, the earrings were wrapped nicely in a box with pretty ribbon and a business card and a tag on the earrings. I like that she went the extra mile to make a pretty presentation. I plan on sending these to a friend as an unexpected gift to brighten up her day. She lives up north and I know it is only just beginning to show signs of spring up there.


Susie said...

Pay it forward! They are really cute. I have "virgin" earlobes.. so I save LOADS of money! I'm a bracelet girl. and rings. not lots at one time,but i switch rings like I use constantly different perfumes. What is that all about?
Hey, thanks so much for checking my blog! It's gone somewhat unnoticed for a while..maybe cuz I don't blog enough! You'll be my new inspiration! I'm terribly excited about that! I needed a change of pace.
I'll be watching!

Susie said...

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