Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things

Hi! Sorry I have been so quiet, I haven't been quite inspired lately. Staging a house and keeping it straightened up and clean all of the time, really sucks it out of me. I hate feeling like we are under a microscope, but in a sense we are. Having to be ready for a showing at a moment's notice, I don't really feel I can get messy with my crafts. So far, we have been on the market just over a month. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback, but the market is definitely a different animal than it was the last time we sold a house.... just over 2 years ago. Happily, our realtor here really makes a good effort and channels a lot of positive energy into selling this house. She has had 2 open houses so far and has another one planned for the coming weekend. And she is bringing the "caravan" by on Tuesday with all of the realtors in her office. Hopefully word of mouth will get her sold. We have only had one negative, and that was because someone didn't like the paint color we put on the walls in the kitchen. Well, you can't please everyone and so I am not too worried about it. Otherwise, it has all been positive. I am a little nervouse about the "caravan" of realtors coming thru, I am sure one of them is going to complain about something. But, I don't plan on changing anything, the house has been staged enough and I don't want to upset the balance we have achieved. Afterall, we are still living here.

My husband left for his new job about 2 weeks ago. He is really enjoying it and can't believe how nice everyone is and the atmosphere is so different from the last job. Its actually a positive environment, it will take some getting used to. He seems to like the area, but I think he is trying too hard to make sure we are excited about going there. I really don't want to hear that he's been swimming, golfing, boating, etc while we are here not really doing much of anything fun. We are trying to stay close to home in case we have to run home and get the dogs for a showing. The kids have gone to the beach with Grandpa and Grandma has spent the night a few times in order to change things up a bit. But that really is the extent of our fun. I am even cutting the lawn. I don't like it, its been too hot, and its really a dirty job. But, I have to keep it looking neat and maintained.

After a month of being on the market, I have decided to check out superstitions on help or good luck for selling a house. I am wearing gemstones for money luck, I have some strategically placed Runes around the house, and to supplement my prayers, I have purchased a statue of St. Joseph. Most of the info I have found posted about this ritual, says to bury him in the yard.... I don't quite feel right about burying him in the yard, so I have placed him at a spot of honor and have been praying to him. I don't know if it will work, but it actually makes me feel a little better.

So, since I can only do so much cleaning and straightening up, I am going to start getting back to my art, my crafts, the stuff that make me feel better. So, hopefully I can get back into the groove of doing my blog like I started doing a few months ago.


Delightful Stitches said...

I feel for you, I sold my home 3 years ago and it was not a fun thing to endure. I'm sure your house will sell soon.

Susie said...

I think that's a riot that you've looked up good luck ideas to sell your home! wow.. I don't know how anyone does it these days. We are seemingly here to stay. At times I love that, at times it makes me cringe. Keep a prayin' and a cleanin' and it'll happen. congrats on the new job! Chin up!

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