Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Photos, memory lane, and beaded portraits

I was up til the wee hours of the night last night working on a couple of beaded patterns that I did of my kids. I ended up giving the completed beaded portraits to my in-law for their birthdays. When they visited last December, they really liked them. Or I should say, my father-in-law really liked them. And since their birthdays were rolling around and Jay could not decide what to get them for their b-days, I volunteered to give them those and redo them for myself. And then Jay's dad said he didn't want anything for his birthday, for us to just send a card. So, last week we just sent the cards and then Sunday we put the beaded portraits in the mail. I am hoping it really surprises them. I didn't include the frames, I figured since they renovated their home last year, that they would know what kind of frame, color, etc that they wanted. And I didn't want to worry about the glass getting broken in the mail.

Now I have a huge naked spot on my living room wall. I will have to figure out something to put up in that spot. Since getting the house ready for selling, I put away all personal photos and portraits except for those two. I was thinking of getting a clock to put up on the wall. I don't know, I haven't been in the shopping mood.

So now I am revamping the patterns. Changing out colors and bead finishes, playing with the sizes. I have them almost to how I want them, but next I am going to change the photos to black and white and see how I like them. Then I will get started on them so that I can have them done for whenever we move.

I also went through photos this morning... I can't believe how many we have. I also can't believe how many blurry shots there are, what a waste of money! I wish I could go back in time with my digital camera and retake the photos, less waste and more good shots. It was a fun trip down memory lane. I was looking for photos from my sister's wedding, which I thought I already gave to her but of course she says I didn't. Well, I don't have them and I can take that task off of my to-do list. She is the queen of all pack rats and one day she will go through her stuff and find them. One of these days I will find the time and space to finish the baby scrapbooks and put the rest of the photos in the photo albums. Some day!

In going through the photos, I was surprised at how many places we have lived, the different furniture, the ugly rugs, the number of blue bathtubs LOL, the different cats and dogs, oh my! I was also surprised at how much my son hated his photo taken when he was younger and how much my daughter loved it. She would pose and pose and pose. He would be scowling and crying and frowning in photo after photo. He has also changed so much! There were hundreds of photos of Danni getting undressed, she would strip all of the time at home, I am glad she didn't do that in public! The many faces of Danni are in that Rubber Made bin, the drama queen from birth! My son, the moody one, the shy one, but also the cuddler. And the photos of my husband, filling out, looking less like a boy and more like a man. Always smiling, such an easy, welcoming smile. There weren't many photos of me, thank goodness. I guess I am more like my son, I don't like posing for photos and I don't really like seeing how much I have changed. I wouldn't mind burning all of my photos LOL, I could really do without seeing them, but I figured one day my kids will enjoy going through all of these photos.

Ok I need to get back to work. I am also supposed to be listing some items to help out with the 48 for Larry silent auction. I have a few items in mind and just need to change the info in my shop listing, but I also have a couple of new items in mind and need to take photos and list them. Then send all of the items' descriptions to the admin for the 48 for Larry auction. I want to finish those this week.


Susie said...

how long do those take you? They're really something!

3 Peeps Designs said...

They took me about 2 months. The next ones should go quicker as I've learned how valuable it is to work them using the Word document, rather than the colored chart like I do for my dogs.

Anonymous said...

Wow...those are amazing!!

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