Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Note

Sorry I haven't updated my blog lately, I just haven't felt inspired lately and have been too busy. Then yesterday afternoon I received the best note ever! About a month and a half ago I participated in the 48 Hours For Larry silent auction and donated 5 things to be auctioned off. Well, slowly but surely I have received the names and addresses of where to send the items, actually, a little slower than I would like, but I didn't have any control over that. Anyway, I sent out my beaded Cat Dream Catcher to Bob this past Friday and he had it by Monday. I was surprised at how quickly the post office delivered it, especially since it went all of the way to California! I love creating stuff, but am still not entirely comfortable selling my creations. I love giving my things away as gifts, but selling them just opens a whole can of worms that I don't necessarily want to deal with. What if someone gets it and hates it? Or what if they think it looks like a kid made it? Or it isn't as described? Or what if the post office loses it (currently facing that problem)? Anyway, I opened his email and was totally floored by his wonderful and kind words! I've never met him and yet, he made me feel as if we were friends or at the very least, someone I want to meet! He made me feel warm and fuzzy and happy that I had put my piece of art out there into the world.

I will always treasure his kind words; "I will be showing it of to everyone and raving about your fantastic craftsmanship – probably even a blog post coming, it’s that yummy! It was going to be a gift, but now that I’ve seen it, it’s ALL MINE and will be gracing our wall here at home :)"

Thanks Bob!

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