Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Its been a busy time with projects and homeschooling. The kids are putting together their portfolios for their evaluations. I have been busy with misc. beading and jewelry making. Here are some photos of everything that is going on.

Three sets of earrings based on a pair in my shop called Spring Has Sprung. These were put together for a friend to represent a group she started, called 3 Strong.

These are earrings that I put together after doing the earrings for my friend. Its been a while since I've had all of my supplies out because of the house being on the market. I can make a mess when I'm in the "zone" and if I don't finish, I hate having to put everything away. It felt good making an exception.

This is another dog in my dog series. Its peyote stitched with Delica 11/0 beads and it is a Boxer. This one I gave to my realtor. Soon I will upload my pattern for sale at my ArtFire shop.

Here are my sugar skulls. I came up with the pattern and have a couple of different sizes and color variations available. I won't be listing the pattern for sale, I will only be selling the completed earrings in my ArtFire shops.

I have also been making my beaded paw prints. I had one order for over 50 paw prints! I've been making them as earrings, magnets, pins, and just paw prints to be used for all kind of things. I actually have more to make.

I had one customer sew my paw prints onto an outfit for a doll. The outfit was for a school fundraiser and the winning bid was for $165!!

I also listed one of my framed pit bulls for a fund raiser. I was a bit late and ended up not selling it so I will be listing it in my shop with the money still going towards a bully rescue. (See the picture in the last post.)

I have a heartline bear pattern in the works, a paw print cuff in 2-drop peyote, finishing up a beaded cat amulet bag, and a bulldog amulet bag. And then maybe I will work on the portraits of my kids! Whew! And of course I need to actually list some of these items in my shop, not my favorite thing to do... I need an assistant.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Smokey's Auction

I am participating in another auction. This time its for Smokey. Smokey is a pit bull puppy recovering from what appears to be chemical burns down his back. Now before I get too emotional again, here is the link for the auction; you do not need to be a friend to participate in the auction. There are a lot of great items available including art, jewelry, dog toys, and other doggie items.

And here is the website that tells more about him;

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Dog Beds

I finished the new dog beds a couple of weeks ago. They came out great, the fabric is super durable and the dogs seem to like them - even Mojo the kitty likes them! In fact, it seems I will be making some cat beds too because Mojo and the dogs like them so much! There just isn't enough room for 2 large dogs (Charlie is 70lbs and Apple is 80lbs) and the kitty. Buffy still prefers the top of one recliner or the seat of the other recliner.

First Freebie Pattern Friday!!

As I posted two days ago , I am going to start posting on my blog again... on a regular basis. *Gasp* I know, I know, but my schedule is ope...