Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Its been a busy time with projects and homeschooling. The kids are putting together their portfolios for their evaluations. I have been busy with misc. beading and jewelry making. Here are some photos of everything that is going on.

Three sets of earrings based on a pair in my shop called Spring Has Sprung. These were put together for a friend to represent a group she started, called 3 Strong.

These are earrings that I put together after doing the earrings for my friend. Its been a while since I've had all of my supplies out because of the house being on the market. I can make a mess when I'm in the "zone" and if I don't finish, I hate having to put everything away. It felt good making an exception.

This is another dog in my dog series. Its peyote stitched with Delica 11/0 beads and it is a Boxer. This one I gave to my realtor. Soon I will upload my pattern for sale at my ArtFire shop.

Here are my sugar skulls. I came up with the pattern and have a couple of different sizes and color variations available. I won't be listing the pattern for sale, I will only be selling the completed earrings in my ArtFire shops.

I have also been making my beaded paw prints. I had one order for over 50 paw prints! I've been making them as earrings, magnets, pins, and just paw prints to be used for all kind of things. I actually have more to make.

I had one customer sew my paw prints onto an outfit for a doll. The outfit was for a school fundraiser and the winning bid was for $165!!

I also listed one of my framed pit bulls for a fund raiser. I was a bit late and ended up not selling it so I will be listing it in my shop with the money still going towards a bully rescue. (See the picture in the last post.)

I have a heartline bear pattern in the works, a paw print cuff in 2-drop peyote, finishing up a beaded cat amulet bag, and a bulldog amulet bag. And then maybe I will work on the portraits of my kids! Whew! And of course I need to actually list some of these items in my shop, not my favorite thing to do... I need an assistant.


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

I absolutely love the flower earrings! Those are fantastic! I hope my husband sees I have bookmarked this and Buys a pair for me!

Mommy Tyme

3 Peeps Designs said...

Thanks so much!

Bullet~Proof Goddess said...

Am in love with your sugar skull earrings. How can I get a pair? Let me know please.

You can reach me at my email:

3 Peeps Designs said...

Thanks so much for your interest in my sugar skull earrings. I sell them online in my Artfire shop. You can find several different pairs as well as a beaded cuff with matching earrings.

Here is the direct link to a pair of earrings:

And here is the web site of my shop:

Anonymous said...
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