Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Artist Being Sued to Overturn Copyright

"Imitator Sues Me to Overturn Copyrights: Please Help Defend My Art"

John T. Unger is currently being sued by an individual whom is selling knockoffs of his original art. This individual wants to continue selling the pirated art and is now suing John in order to have the copyrights overturned. If this happens, I believe it could affect all artists, please help spread the word and donate to his case if you can.

"I need your help. My original art has been copied by a manufacturer who is now suing me in federal court to overturn my existing copyrights and continue making knockoffs. I have a strong case, a great lawyer and believe that if I can continue to defend myself, the case will be resolved in my favor. If I run out of funds before we reach trial, a default judgment would be issued against me and could put me out of business. I don't believe my opponent can win this case in court and I don't believe he really intends to try. I believe his goal is to use strong-arm litigation tactics to force me to keep spending money or risk losing my copyrights — not by true adjudication, but by default if he is able to outspend me."

Go to http://www.johntunger.com/legal-defense-fund.html#2 for all of the details of this case.

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Christina Colwell said...

I will share your message. This kind of thing is just infuriating. Unfortunately I am a "poor" artist and have no resources to offer but I can pray and will.

I sincerely hope the blood sucking vampire gets a stake thru his heart.

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