Wednesday, March 03, 2010

My Poor Blog...

I'm shocked to see its been so long since I last posted! A lot has been going on in my life and I haven't done much writing about it. I guess now is as good a time as ever to update.

I want to thank you for supporting the Have A Heart For Tanya. They were able to raise the money needed for her surgery and the last I heard, it went well and she is in recovery.

Our move is going slowly, we have had one sales contract go under on our house for sale. We were fortunate to get another contract for more than the first, and are now waiting for the bank to approve and get us a closing date. Yup, we are doing a short sale. It sucks. We've worked so hard since college days of racking up debt, to clean up our act and then this happens. I don't really know what it will do to our credit ratings, there's mixed reviews on that when I did a Google search on short sales. Fortunately, because we haven't missed any payments and are relocated to a new state for a new job, we can still get a home loan. So, we've been searching for a house.

Its been a tough search, trying to find a house with a couple of acres is hard, which I don't understand as we are in a small town next to another small town, next to another small town. We are in the middle of farm country and a huge winding lake surrounded by mountains and forests. They call this area the Ozarks and it is beautiful! Anyway, its been a tough house search as we are avoiding subdivisions because of our experience with our last set of neighbors and not liking even the few covenants the little community had. Of course, I've had to do searches on every one with regards to sex predators, too. Its easier here because they are fewer in numbers, unlike our last house, but I would never forgive myself if I didn't check on this and found out we bought a house next to a predator. By choosing the country, we will most likely have cows as our neighbors, which I am looking forward to. We would have liked to have a view of the lake, but of course, that has a higher price tag. We are avoiding the chicken farms because they are stinky! We also hope to avoid being neighbors with the dumpy mobile homes that seem to spring up in the strangest places. We've seen a lot of dumps and a few real nice houses. I think we finally found 2 that we can see ourselves living in and once we get a closing date for the house in Florida, we will proceed on the ones we like here.

I'm disappointed that we haven't found any foreclosures that fit our needs. We've checked out a couple and they have been treated like crap, some actually looked like the previous owners purposely trashed them. One was even in a neighborhood of houses in the $400k+ price range. There's no chance in hell I can afford a house that expensive, but have you ever heard of buying the worst house in the best neighborhood? This house was only $199k.... but I couldn't get past the fact that it was trashed so badly. Move-in ready is what I am looking for, with painting being the biggest project.

Anyway, we've seen houses with an abundance of fake pink marble, a bidet, one urinal, saloon doors on bathrooms, currugated metal on the walls (which later I saw in one of Lowe's design ideas magazines!), wallpaper up the wazoo and a ton of wood paneled walls. Its been an adventure!

Some days I wonder what we are doing here, I want to go back to my Brady Bunch house that I saw as perfect. Other days, I think all of this has been worth it because my sense of adventure gets the best of me. Most days, though, I am proud that my husband didn't wallow in his shock, shame, and heartbreak of being fired. He started calling recruiters as soon as he got home, I rearranged the homeschooling schedule and classroom to make an office for him. And after we found out that finding another job there was going to be impossible in his field, we began getting the house ready to put on the market. We did our best to make the most of it and I think we did a good job. He now has a job that he loves again. He no longer has the daily heartburn and stress of the old job. He doesn't travel as much, nor does he have all of the dinners and social obligations that the other job had. He gets to play golf again, he's traveled to Hong Kong a couple of times, and he now has time for the family again! I am very proud of him!

I am also very proud of my two kids! They have made the move with finesse, not complaining and taking it all in stride. They miss their rooms (they are currently sharing a room in our furnished rental) and they miss their toys. Most of all, I think they miss seeing their grandparents nearly every day. I know they miss the beach and the huge yard and the warm weather. But for the most part, they are doing well. I think their favorite thing is house hunting. Going in and looking at houses... its funny, just by watching them you can tell which houses they can see themselves in.

Our pets are doing pretty well too, although our fish, Chuck, passed away last week. He had a fungal infection and we just couldn't get rid of it. That was rather depressing as he was a beautiful fighting fish that we had had for over 3 years! One of our cats, seems to be running out of patience, I think she misses chasing lizards in her screened in porch. She's been smacking the dogs for no reason.

I'm doing well too.... although I do get sick of the waiting! I have used the free time in between home schooling, entertaining the pets and kids, and house hunting with learning a new stitch and completing quite a few cuffs and listing patterns and cuffs in my online shop. I've got a few ideas running around in my head and hopefully I can get them charted out and stitched up quickly! I know once we put an offer in and close on a house here I will be busy with painting and unpacking.

So, I guess judging by the length of this post that I had a lot to say! Stay tuned as I will be blogging about my recent projects.

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Happy to see you blogging again.


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