Saturday, April 03, 2010


It really bugs me when when another artist borrows ideas and doesn't acknowledge it. This is one of the reasons that I sometimes question whether I should be putting my ideas and finished pieces out into the internet. But, I will try to stay positive and remind myself that she is a lot older and perhaps her ideas are slower in coming to her. I'm a lot younger and have plenty of years to get my things done. And I think I am doing pretty good considering this isn't my job and the only thing I do all day. I get a lot completed considering all that is going on in my life as well as home schooling my children and taking care of my husband, pets and the house. I document the entire process of my creations from the brainstorming - production - completion of my stuff just in case. And least this way I know I am not borrowing from other artist's ideas. Its one thing to be inspired by a piece and have yours turn out completely different. Its another to use the same exact subject, just larger and/or same exact thing with just different colors. Especially by someone so obsessed with copyrights. Irked.

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