Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sunny Skies

Thanks so much for such positive and supportive comments regarding our loss of Mojo!! It really helped putting those words down on paper, so-to-speak. And its rather funny but sad -- aside from my immediate family here, I can't talk about it with the rest of my family. Very briefly with my dad when it was too fresh and not with anyone else. I don't understand it.

We've moved into the new house, although we've yet to close on it. We are doing an early occupancy and paying rent. At least it is cheaper and more comfortable than the furnished cottage. Our house in Jacksonville is still almost ready to close on... we received the verbal okay from the lender for the short sale. The buyers are getting antsy and are driving us crazy with stress. We've talked them down from their sudden deadline of this coming Friday for the approval. I don't think they understand that we are just as antsy to close. This is holding up our lives too. We offered them early occupancy, but the father (money bags) vetoed this even though his daughter is facing foreclosure. I guess it isn't that immediate.

So, while we wait, we get to enjoy this house and all of the space it affords. The furnished cottage we were staying at was at most 800 sq. ft. This house is much larger. Until we get the closing date, we aren't having our belongings delivered from storage. So we are making do with what we have.... one comfy chair and some new deck chairs as living room furniture. We are all sleeping on the floors in our own rooms and the dogs love this as its easy for them to "share" our beds. The dogs and cat love the house and are constantly busy. While we are waiting, we are compiling our lists of what we want to do to the house and the priority. Its nice to find that after almost 2 weeks of living here, we have not found any dirty surprises that the inspector missed. The only thing we don't like is that the previous owner left some junk and garbage around the garage. Well, after we double check at closing that he doesn't want anything, we will list some things on Craigslist and some things will be hauled to the dump. We don't have city garbage pick-up so we will have to arrange rural garbage pick-up or do weekly trips to the dump. While we wait, I've got paint samples up and lists going and going. I can't wait to finally finish this chapter of our lives and be stable again rather than in a constant state of change.

All of these pictures were taken today and represent the happiness of getting one step closer to a normal life again. A year ago, Jay left to start his new job here while we stayed in Jacksonville to show and maintain the house for sale. We lasted 6 months apart and decided we would be back together for the holidays. Its funny, but I've stopped referring to the "Brady Bunch" house in Jax as my house and now it is "the" house. I really like this one although it is a bit rustic looking on the outside and the Jax house has a new lover.

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