Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We've lost our Mojo

A couple of weeks ago our beloved teen kitty, Mojo, passed away. It happened so suddenly and I have never felt so helpless! Thankfully, we (the kids and I) were home when it happened. He had just finished having lunch and came into my bedroom to use the scratching post. I was having a sick day and was in bed. After he did his bit with the scratching post, he let out his kitty battle cry and took off running. Fully expecting his usual spaz show, I didn't expect to hear him fall and then my son to say that Mojo was peeing on the floor. I jumped up and ran to him. He was on his side and already fading. The point of writing about this is to hopefully find some closure, I can't talk about him yet without crying. Jason brought his ashes home yesterday and once again I was balling. I can't remember the name of the condition the vet said he had, but apparently its rare and affects young cats. Mojo didn't make it to his first birthday... he was close, only about a month to go. After trying to figure out what was wrong with him and what to do, I cleaned him up and we jumped in the car. I called my husband to meet us at the vet, the toughest part was driving down this blasted mountain as fast as I could all the while crying. We ended up stuck behind some slow poke and the whole trip down the mountain is a no-passing zone. We finally made it to the vet, Jay was already there and he grabbed poor Mojo and took him in. Usually going to the vet is a lot of fun and we all go with whichever pet needs to go. This time, the kids and I couldn't stop crying and it was worse when they said he was already gone. So we made arrangements to have him cremated and I was rather offended when the vet asked if we wanted his ashes specifically or just some of the ashes from the day's cremations. Of course I wanted just his.

So, at less than 1 year old, he had a heart attack. An undiagnosed heart condition that usually kills them in stressful situations like nail trimming or bath time. I don't know the name and haven't the heart to look at the paperwork to find the name of the condition. I am mad that I didn't know it. I am mad that the vet from Florida never found it. I am mad at God for deciding to take him away from us. And I am mad that in a string of bad luck over the last year, he didn't make it out alive. I am happy that he was having a good time when he died. I am glad we learned patience from him. I am happy that we made his life easy and didn't stress him out. I am glad that we were able to take a kitten born from a stray cat and give him a comfortable life, all of the food he could eat and all of the love he could handle. I am happy we gave him kids to love, cuddle and play with as well as other pets to love him too.I complained a lot about Mojo. He was always into things, he was always taking things and playing with them. He would shove things under the door of the bathroom when I was in there. One night he shoved a little rubber frog under the door and scared me so bad! He would always attack your feet when you would try to go to sleep when he wasn't ready.... toes under the blanket would always get bitten! Mojo was a pain in the butt in the best possible way -He was full of life and always looking for a good time. He ate everything including dog food. If he found a dog kibble on the floor, he would eat it. When I was done with my meal and I would share the left overs with the dogs, he was there too for his share. When the dogs were outside, he was at the door crying to be let out too.It was always playtime and everything was meant to be played with! My dogs loved him and he loved them back. My other cat, Buffy, treated him like he was her baby... even going so far as to let him nurse from her - so what if she was spayed in her first year and that was over 9 years ago. She's a little momma and this was her chance to be a mother. She was in the room with us and when he passed, she got up and left the room. I'd like to think she thinks he just got to the age that he needed to find a new home. Or perhaps, she knew he was ill and that is why she let him do whatever he wanted. The dogs - I don't know. We just don't ask Charlie to find Mojo. I know Apple misses coming inside and having Mojo attack her. She saw one of the neighbor's black cats outside and starting whining and jumping at the door.... looking at me as if to tell me to go get him and bring him back inside.

Perhaps they don't think these things at all and its all my imagination. But, anyone with a pet knows how smart they are and what big personalities they have. Its been really quiet without Mojo. I am glad to see that Buffy seems to be doing all right.... I do worry about how she will be once we are out of this cottage and in our house. She is strictly an indoor cat and gets upset when she can see us all outside and she is stuck inside. I don't know if we will get another cat. Perhaps one day, but so far, I am having a difficult time entertaining that thought. I think my son is too. He didn't want to see the little box that the ashes came in. He hardly talks about Mojo and is almost as bad as me and starts crying. My daughter seems to be dealing with it pretty well and enjoys talking about him.. She wants to be a vet on most days and is strong, like my husband.

We've picked up a couple of beautiful Crepe Myrtles to plant in our new yard and will bury his ashes with them. I am still angry, though. I've experienced the loss of a pet when I was a kid. We had to put our dog of 11 years to sleep. He had arthritis and it reached the point that he could no longer walk with his back legs. My parents' dog died a couple of years ago and that was tough too, but it wasn't a surprise. We had a chance to say goodbye and brace ourselves. in both of those situations. We just didn't get that chance with Mojo.

And of course, it just adds to our hatred of this stupid cottage and the move to Arkansas. It seems we are in purgatory waiting for the damned bank to get this short sale done. We finally got to the point that they countered the offer they've been sitting on, the buyers accepted the offer and did their inspections and now we have to wait for the bank to accept their own offer! Then finally they will set a closing date. So we are still paying a mortgage and rent. We have had to back up on closing on the house here. The closing with the bank here is actually easier then the one that started 6 months ago. So our lease in this dump expires on the 17th and we are hoping to actually get early occupancy on our house here.... Sadly, now not all of our family will make the move successfully. Its been a tough year and I am still waiting for things to improve. To go back to being normal, boring, and easy - where the toughest thing we have to deal with is our families. I haven't been very good about my beading or other crafts.... I've jumped into a few more books than usual just to keep myself preoccupied. I am sure it will be easier once we are out of this small space and are focused on setting up the new house.

So, here's to a good kitty! A kitty named Mojo - he gave us all of his love, taught us a few things, made us laugh daily, and entertained all of us better than anything could. He is missed! May 2009 - April 2010. Teen Cat Extraordinaire!


tera said...

I am so sorry to hear about your poor kitty. I agree, people who don't have pets just don't understand what a huge part of your life they are.
Take some comfort in knowing he had a good home, though, which is better than a lot of kitties have.
Peace and hugs.

Captain Dumbass said...

I'm sorry to hear about your loss, losing a pet is terrible.

Dr. Heckle said...

I just lost my cat, Bella, a few months ago in December. It too was a sudden thing. I feel your pain. I'm sorry for your loss.

Susie said...

A great post about the loss of a loved one. People w/out pets have no idea how gut ripping it is to lose a pet.. a family member, even if was for a few months.
We lost our standard poodle a year ago. He's buried in our backyard under his favorite shade tree where he would take a break from playing and let his regal poodle ears blow in the wind in the shade. I love that you say what you were grateful for with Mojo. Tears still come to me when I visit Rommel.. I get breathless and weak. but what's funny is one day a stray cat came from Rommel's burial area and was super thin and on his last leg. He is now in BIG part of our family and took the sting out of losing our boy. Maybe you ought to consider adopting another kitty..when you move. It'll be a new start, but it doesn't mean you will forget.
Anyhow, you have a lot on your plate and this didn't help, but time between tears gets less frequent and there is so much to be happy about. Take care!

Unknown said...

Mona, so so sorry to hear about your kitty Mojo. I see you do take some comfort in the fact that you gave him an awesome home for his short life. As a pet lover and owner, I know how difficult it is to lose our pets... they are part of our family and yes, it is difficult for those who don't have pets to understand. *hugs* to all of you... and hoping that life smoothes out a bit in the coming summer months.

3 Peeps Designs said...

Thanks so much for such kind words and understanding. Its reassuring to know that others out there feel the same way I do. Surprisingly, aside from my immediate family, I have not been able to talk about this with the rest of my family. I guess they would rather not share the pain?? I don't know. Again, thanks to you! I do feel better putting all of this down on "paper".... I guess I need to start a journal again.

Unknown said...

So sorry for you kitty!! He was beautiful!

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