Tuesday, August 17, 2010

3PD Greyhound Cuff on Leather

As many of you know, I am a huge animal lover. One of my dogs, Apple is a greyhound mix and is a very silly girl. We've had her over 5 years now - adopting her when she was 4 months old from the animal shelter in Greensboro, NC. She was listed as a Labrador mix as most black dogs are, but she outgrew that label within months. You see, she loves the chase as much as she loves running. She has a huge chest and long-ass legs that carry her over the field and through the woods as fast as a bullet. Eventually we found a wonderful veterinarian that was in the next town over. It was a bit of a drive to High Point, but Dr. Bowen and his staff were worth the time. From the moment they met Apple, it was love at first sight. We've known a few vets over the years and many seem jaded, others only have eyes for the pure breeds. His eyes actually lit up the first time he met her. I miss him. We've not found a vet that we like as much... well, here in Fayetteville, its too soon to tell. We think we found two good practices... one of which is a cats only facility with a veterinarian from Michigan State University. As an alum of MSU, I know what a great program they have. In fact, they had a program for rescued greyhounds and students could trade their i.d. for a chance to walk a greyhound. I did this with a friend a few times... it was good therapy both for the dogs and for the students whom left their pets at home with mom and dad. Anyway, it was this veterinarian, Dr. Bowen, who saw the greyhound in Apple. Now that she is an adult and has grown into her body, I can see the greyhound too. Especially when her ears go back and she is panting to cool off. So, we know she is a greyhound mix... what the mix is, we don't know. The obvious answer is border collie because of her coloring, but she won't catch a ball or Frisbee to save her life. And she hates water.
Anyway, while reading status updates on FaceBook I came across a post about a hoarding case in Texas and the greyhounds that were rescued. It was a horrible situation and many dogs have since died. Well, the organization, GALT, needs money, as all rescue groups do. As the mother of a greyhound mix, I feel like its part of my duty to help raise money for these poor dogs. So I took one of my greyhound dogs from my dog pack and adapted the pattern into a cuff. I then beaded up the cuff and sewed it onto a strip of leather (as it is a wider cuff than I am used to making, I felt it needed a different loop and toggle and felt that attaching it to leather was a good way to go) after cutting out the leather and applying snaps to it. I did some leather work in high school art class and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. Of course just cutting leather and applying snaps is rather basic, but it reminded me of leather crafting... wonder if I can make more time in my schedule for working with leather? Sewing the peyote cuff onto the leather was a bit of a challenge as I was afraid of screwing it up - then I would be out of a time consuming peyote cuff. After many starts and start-overs, I used some small document clips to hold the peyote cuff onto the leather for sewing. It came out nice and I am currently stitching up another one. I am doing this next on in pink with different facial markings. Hopefully this first cuff will do well in the auctions and they will need another one. If not, I will add it to my online shop.

The group that will be hosting the auction for which I donated my cuff, is called Carpe Canem. They sell jewelry, clothing, collars, home decor, etc. in their online shop. Anyway, I have sent the cuff in today and hopefully it will be there in time to be photographed for their next auction. Hopefully you get a chance to check out their auction, you just might find something you can't live without.

Now I need to get back to beading after I take the dogs out. We are having another day of cooler weather... 90s instead of close to 100. I am sure both Apple and Charlie appreciate the lower temps. I think I will stitch up another pit bull cuff and sew it onto leather, after, of course, I finish the pink greyhound cuff and I finish a cuff for my cousin.... then there's a couple of more dogs for my dog pack that I need to test stitch..... the beading never ends and that is just how I like it!

** Last night I learned that the group took in another 7 dogs and 4 puppies - all of them in the same condition as the other 29 greyhounds that were taken in.

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